What Makes RescueChristians.org Different Than Other Organizations That Help Persecuted Christians?

People ask: “What makes Rescue Christians different from other Persecuted Christian Organizations?”  


christian persecution 1What makes Rescue Christians different from most others is that we are unique from most others in that we focus ALL our efforts to actually saving Christians from being liquidated.

Most organizations have a mission where Christian persecution exists in that they predominately focus on providing Bibles, evangelize non-Christians and to send representatives around the world to inform about Christian persecution.

While this is a noble endeavor, these organizations lack in carrying actual missions to save the lives of the victims. When we first embarked on our mission to get aid and to our astonishment we discovered that the main organizations that advertise helping the persecuted Christians rejected our plea to aid in the flight of several Christians who were about to be starved, executed, or imprisoned in Pakistan. On several occasions we reached out to our Christian brethren who flatly refused help in several genuine cases.

Our mission is simple and is based on the commandment in Matthew 25 to provide real support to the hungry and imprisoned.  In Matthew 25 we believe that Christ bases his judgment in regards to provide actual aid and giving comfort to the persecuted. The ones who enter the Kingdom are evaluated based on this issue alone (Matthew 25: 31-46).

While we can pray, send Bibles and make the world aware, it is detrimental that we also do, so please support by donating for the victims and your rewards will be in heaven. If you cannot afford to give yourself you can network with others and help others be made aware of this work.  

DONATE   christian persecution 2

$10  provides  food for a family of  6  for two days

$400 provides rent for a safe house for a month

$1000 provide air fare for one person to escape in extreme emergency.  

Any amount multiplied by thousands of partners and we can save thousands of lives.  

In our first full year of operating we saved over one hundred families about 500 people.