Raoul Wallenberg Project



The Raoul Wallenberg Project

Raoul Wallenberg, born August 4, 1912 saved nearly 100,000 Jews from the Nazi occupied Hungary in World War II. He provided safe houses, visas, food and protection to thousands virtually single-handedly along with resources provide by the U.S. government, but those only after many  years of lobbying by a few dogged determined people in the USA.

He is recognized as having saved the most people from Nazi death camps in World War II. We honor his work with our own effort to emulate his courage and values with this new project. It is our intention to help, protect and rescue as many as possible from the nearly one hundred million Christians who are facing severe persecution and even death.


75% of religious persecution in the world is against Christians as per a report by “Church in Need”, a Christian organisation based in the UK.

They Examined 33 countries, citing that most of that persecution today is taking place in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

A startling quote from the study states, “The proportion of countries with a worsening track record of anti-Christian violence and intimidation would be higher were it not for the fact that in many cases the situation could scarcely have been worse in the first place.”


Pakistan is our primary focus for our initial push to save Christians who are suffering from the Blasphemy laws, which are used by  Islamic extremists to make up charges against innocent Christians, in order to steal their property and stir up violence against the Christian population.On March 4th the Christian Minister of Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti was gunned down by Islamic extremists causing tremendous fear within the Christian community. Even in the short time since his murder, the violence against Christians has increased dramatically.

The Raoul Wallenberg Project is working with people on the ground who are well connected in the Christian community. They have reached out to us for our support to help alleviate their suffering, and in certain situations, help with their escape. For their protection we cannot expose their names publicly. In the future, large donors who are concerned about the transparency of fund ing, we can provide the names and details privately.

The work we do is practical. We will be supplying food, medicine, safe houses, legal help for visa applications, and in extreme circumstances, security details for rescue missions.

Our financial goal is to raise one million dollars a month – solely for the Raoul Wallenberg Project – which will allow us to make a significant impact to alleviate much of the suffering of persecuted Christians and remove them from their circumstances. We are working behind the scenes with members of Congress, in particular the staff of Congressman Allen West, who has kindly offered his help on Capital Hill. Other members of Congress will be recruited as public opinion puts pressure on them for their support of this real, and dangerous threat to Christians worldwide.


What the Church Needs to DO

First, in faith we must pray for our brothers and sisters living under persecution. We need to pray not only for their needs and their safety, but also that the Lord will give them peace in the midst of the massive population of hate in which they live. We must also pray that those who persecute them will see by the witness of these Christians, God’s love and come to know Him too. Secondly, we must put our faith into action by supporting this ministry. Our organization will provide the arrangements necessary, acquire the resources needed, and get them where they need to go. What you should know is that all of the people who are working with this project are doing so with no compensation for their time. We have come together out of the knowledge that God calls us to help those who are suffering, who have nothing. The terror that these Christians live with day in and day out puts our light sufferings to shame! The funds that you provide will go completely to the purchase of supplies, and towards the arrangements necessary to help. You, your Church Board and Congregation will have the joy of knowing that you are making a difference – not to salaries – but to the real, physical needs of persecuted Christians around the world.

We are aware that in this economy everyone is feeling the “pinch.” The amount of the ministry’s goal seems massive. Yet there is so little time left, and we all know God calls us to be good stewards. What could be greater stewardship that saving lives and alleviating suffering?

We understand many families are cutting back to accommodate the economy today, and that may have a trickle effect in your church. However, we are asking YOUR CHURCH to put before the Lord what you can do to help in this enormous endeavor. As we prayerfully considered our budget, we felt that even a small church should be able to help with a gift of $50 a month. Hopefully larger churches will feel led to give more on a monthly basis. If we can find a thousand churches or more who feel God’s prompting to provide a monthly missions’ gift for any amount, many hundreds, possibly thousands, will be saved.

As you consider how much you can commit to, there are a couple of other things you should also know about Walid Shoebat’s Ministry. We have experienced PR and business people with 40 years of business experience, as well as 14 years between working experience between Walid and Keith Davies (Director of the Walid Shoebat Foundation). We’ve assembled a group who have been involved in running a charity, and are aware of working with activists.

Our original mission did not start out to rescueChristians from persecution, but to expose the danger of fundamentalist Islam. As we became aware of the terror that has been perpetrated against Christians living in the Middle East and Asian countries, and became aware that there was no other ministry actively involved in rescue missions, we knew the Lord had brought the right people together to take on this challenge. And we know the Lord can use each of your Churches, too. We need each of you to join us in this massive undertaking – to pray and to provide the funds necessary to continue our joint efforts to provide our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters with safe houses, food and medicine.




November 8th 2010, Asia Bibi was sentenced to death for blasphemy against Islam. Even though a government minister stated that the inquiry into the case showed she had not committed blasphemy, the Lahore High Court prevented Minister Zardari from granting a pardon, ruling on the high court should be allowed to decide her appeal. In the meantime, Islamic cleric, Maulana Yousef Qureshi said his mosque would pay 500,000 rupees to anyone who kills the “Christian woman” Asia Bibi. Adding that Islamic punishment will proceed.

On 19th July 2010, Rashid and Sajid Emmanuel were arrested under the blasphemy law and both were shot dead while being transferredto    court by the police. Their family are being also sought for execution by the Islamic extremists. They are in hiding but have no source of livelihood.

In March 2007, Mr. Amant Masih was arrested and later released under the blasphemy laws but the Islamic extremists are still pursuing him and his family including his wife and six children. They have gone into hiding after their home was burned to the ground.

On March 15th 2011, Qamar David, 56 years old, was found dead in his prison cell. He had been arrested in 2006, falsely charged with blasphemy. It appears he died under suspicious circumstances with swelling to his face and body. His wife and children are also been pursued by extremists – they are in hiding.

On September 2009, Fanish Robert was arrested, accused of throwing a Quran. Two days later he was found dead in police custody. His body had been badly beaten, however the authorities claimed he committed suicide. His families have also received threats – they are in hiding.

Yousaf Masih was a successful businessman. Because of their Christian faith, his home and belongings were burned – his family fled and are in hiding.

These are just the initial cases that our organization has been asked to support. These case histories come from our very reputable contacts in Pakistan. (You can also read about these and many others being persecuted, even killed at: http://www.crossroad.to/News/Persecution/index.html.)

Because of our background of having already rescued one family, the contacts are in place and we are ready to continue with our next rescue mission. The initial funds were difficult to raise, first because we had such a short time-line to work within, and secondly we had no idea of what would be needed. We now have proper legal council available to arrange asylum, and know what we need to raise ASAP: $40,000. With this we can resettle people to safer parts of the country while we use our contacts to gain asylum in a free country. We have found that the laws of Canada allow refugees, and they will qualify for asylum, but it can take a minimum of 18 months.

The cost of helping one family is approximately $1000 per month. That coupled with the initial set-up expenses of a safe house means we will need $10,000 the first month. After that, supporting six families will cost around $6000 a month. Legal costs will run about $7000 per family over an eighteen month period, plus the cost for airfare for each family will be $4000 – $8000. This just a drop in the bucket when we consider all of the hundreds, even thousands of cases of persecution.

If this letter has opened your awareness of what is happening in the world, and If you are as outraged as we were, we would like you to partner with us to help our persecuted Christian brethren. Please email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

If your Church feels it cannot make a commitment to support financially at this time, but you want to do something, perhaps you’d like us to help make your congregation better informed about these issues, or bring this matter up to your local fellow pastors. Please contact us – we are ready and willing to provide the expertize and advice.

Project Directors

Walid Shoebat was born and raised in Bethlehem, Israel by an Arab father and an American mother. His paternal grandfather was an associate of Haj-Ameen Al-Husseni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who was an ally of Adolph Hitler and conspired with the Nazis during the holocaust.

His maternal great-grandfather, E.W. Georgeson was the Mayor of Eureka, CA, and unlike his Arab grandfather, Georgeson was a great friend of Winston Churchill, who wanted nothing more than the destruction of Hitler and Nazism. Walid was born of parents who literally came from the opposite sides of the spectrum – both geographically and ideologically. His father had Walid raised Muslim while his mother, a Christian who endured 35 years in a Muslim society attempting to escape to America, tried to witness God’s love while preserving her very life.

Walid grew up a terrorist, but when he married a Christian woman, he was challenged to examine the Bible in 1993 and compared it with the Quran. Walid confessed, “Only Biblical truth has transformed my way of thinking from being a follower of Mohammed and idolizing Adolph Hitler to believing in Jesus Christ. From believing lies to knowing the truth, from being spiritually sick to being healed, from living in darkness to seeing the light, from being damned to being saved, from doubt to faith, from Hate to Love, and from evil works to God’s grace through Christ. The wonderful thing about God is that when someone sincerely and humbly cries out to
Him for help and to find the truth, He always answers that prayer. Today I am a Christian.”

Walid proclaims that Christ was the only way to bring healing to his soul through repentance and the pursuit of reconciliation. He has set out to bring the cause of Christ, the Bible, and the case for Israel to millions throughout the world. Even the doors to many major universities have opened for him to proclaim this message.

Walid has had the opportunity to speak at the most prestigious universities in the U.S.: Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Brandeis, USC, UCLA, Michigan State, Colorado, Concordia and Penn State are only a few. He has addressed Homeland Security, Capitol Hill, Boeing, the FBI and the Air Force Academy. He is featured on several documentaries and has appeared in the Media in the USA and Internationally. As Walid continues with this ministry, he has felt led to add an additional focus, to rescue persecuted Christians from Pakistan and other countries after discovering, to his shock, no other ministry is engaged in the endeavor. While we are thankful there are other ministries which expose Christian persecution so we can pray more effectively, none of the them are involved in the rescue aspect of their circumstances.


Keith Davies is the Director of the Forum for Middle Eastern Understanding (FFMU) and the Walid Shoebat Foundation. Keith is a recognized public speaker on the topic of terrorism, its roots, and how to stop it. During his lectures he uncovers much of the sectarian teaching which has been used to recruit a stream of “home-grown” terrorists. Keith has worked for seven years promoting Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem, as well as other FFMU speakers. Through these efforts, vital messages have reached millions of people throughout the world with the biggest brand names in Media.

Prior to founding FFMU, Keith Davies and the Walid Shoebat Foundation had over twenty years business experience. Keith was also the marketing director of a “headhunting” firm, as well as the chief executive officer of a Travel company. His innovative approach to PR and marketing has been the major driving force contributing to the successful promoting of the Walid Shoebat Foundation and FFMU.