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Situation in Pakistan deteriorating fast for Christians

Pakistani Victims

Pakistani Victims


It appears that in the wake of the suicide bombing in Pakistan, violence is escalating, not receding. Christians in the area were understandably outraged by the attack. In response, the Muslim community appears to have taken up for the bombers’ cause and is attacking the victims.


We received the following note from our contact in Pakistan…

Just Now i received a call from a Bishop. He told me that the situation in Pakistan is getting worse after Christian reaction to the Peshawar Bomb Blast. Muslims of Iqbal town Islamabad are threatening Christians, and the angry mob of Muslims beaten and tortured the Christians in Zia Musjid Area and Khana Pul Islamabad. Similarly, Muslims have attacked the Christian Colony Korangi No 3, 1/2. Because of this ongoing tension, hundreds of Christians had to flee from there houses.

Need urgent prayers.

One of the many questions those in the west have about terror attacks is why ‘moderate’ Muslims don’t come out in forceful opposition to such attacks. When it comes to this suicide bombing in Pakistan, at least, the most vocal Muslim opposition appears to be directed at the victims of the attack.

In order for us to help to the degree of saving thousands from persecution, we also need thousands of people to participate at any level they can afford. G-d will bless you for your generosity in not turning your back on your brethren. If you can help, great. If you can spread the word of our work by word of mouth and get others to know what we are trying to do, then you will also be doing wonders for G-d’s people.

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