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Insider In Egypt: Attack On Christians “nothing less than a furious satanic attack”

From The CP:

The recent barrage of attacks on Christians in Egypt, including on members and churches of the nation’s Coptic denomination, are of a scale unseen in modern times and being described as satanic, according to sources living in the country. The persecution watchdog group, Open Doors USA, says Egypt is engulfed in a furnace of fire and Christians are taking on the brunt force of the attacks.

“The attack against the Christians of Egypt is nothing less than a furious satanic attack that aims at terrorizing Christians, imprisoning them at their homes helplessly with no guarantee of protection so their love, peace, hope and testimony may be neutralized,” stated an anonymous Christian leader, whose name is being withheld for security reasons, in a commentary obtained by The Christian Post.

“We, Christians of Egypt, are facing a severe time of persecution and suffering that we may have not witnessed since the Roman times!” the source explained.

Thursday evening, the overall picture coming out of Egypt from news reports was dire. Egypt’s health ministry said that at least 580 people were killed and more than 4,000 injured amidst clashes involving security forces and former President Mohammad Morsi supporters.

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  1. David Walker #

    I thought Jews would be attacked first. I was wrong. Their going after Christians first. After they run Europe & the middle east,America will be next.

    September 4, 2013 at 6:27 am Reply

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