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Christian Girl Raped, Beaten, And Sold Into Slavery, Because of Her Faith

This is a message from our contact in Pakistan on a Christian girl named Tania Rebecca, who was raped and abused by Muslims in their attempt to force her to convert to Islam.

On 28th April,2012 Tania Rebecca, resident of the village of Daultabad, Tehsil Manawala, District of Shiekhpura was kidnapped  and forcibly  converted to Islam. The aggrieved family luckily traced the kidnappers through a cell phone number.

According to Tania

On the day of the incident, I left home at around 9:00 A.M for Nankana City to my maternal uncle’s home. I was stopped by Rehana who offered to sit in the car and they would drop me to my uncle’s home. I accepted the offer and sat in the car as Rehana is well known to me. when I sat in the Car, I observed that  there were three men in the car, Muhammad Ashraf ( the husband of Rehana ), Rehana’s son, and an unknow driver. When I tried to resist they warned me and threatened me that if I would make a noise they  would kill me . Then Rehana informed me that we are taking you to Multan for the delivery of their relative . Afterwards  they put toxic powder in my eyes and put black scraf on my eyes and started beating me. However I realized that they have kidnapped me. They informed my family that they are taking me to Multan for a delivery .

Rehana and Ashraf took me to Dera Ghazi Khan and handed me over  to Muhammad Zafar . I was completely out of my mind and unable to understand the situation. Rehana and Ashraf left the place, then Muhammad Zafar sexually harassed me. Even his family members were forcing me to convert  to Islam. I totally refused to Embrace Islam. Later on I was sent to Muhammad Ismael, aged 50 – and Khadim Hussain, aged 45, the resident of Nawan Janoobi Dera Ghazi Khan. I was completely unaware of my sale and purchase. Both of them raped me again and again.

During this time the family of Tania was doing their best to track their daughter. They were lucky to track Muhammad Zafar through his cell phone SIM.

But when Robert (Brother of Tania) and Shafaqat Masih went to Dera Ghazi Khan to find Tania, Muhammad Zafar refused to tell anything about her. However with the intervention of the ex-mayor of Dera Ghazi Khan, Muhammad Khan Khachela, they were able to get the  exact location of Tania. Muhammad Zafar Informed the police and Muhammad Khan Khachela that they have paid 85,000 rupees (PKR) for Tania. Muhammad Zafar said that if they are able to pay us 95,000 PKR we are ready to set Tania free.  Muhammad Zafar also told that presently she is in the custody of Khadim Hussain and Ismael .

Tania’s Mother immediately gave their house on lease for 200,000 PKR . On 1st June, 2012, Robert (Brother of Tania) and Shafaqat Masih went to Dera Ghazi Khan, there they came to know that Khadim Hussian and Ismael had sold her to Atta Muhammad and Rub Nawaz. After knowing this, ex-mayor Muhammad Khan Khachela called Atta Muhammad and Rub Nawaz to bring the girl. Firstly, they did not agree to return the girl but later on they agreed to return the girl. After the Long struggle Tania Rebecca was recovered by the family after paying the amount of 95,000 PKR .

A prejudiced action was shown by the police that there was an FIR (First Information Registered) against the culprits but police did not arrest them. And Still Tania and her family are receiving threats from these culprits as well as from the police.  Unknown people visited the house of Tania’s parents twice to get Tania Back.

When she was recovered, one Pakistani NGO started claiming in the international community that they are helping this persecuted girl, whereas her experience with the NGO is bitter. Which  we will definitely unveil in the Interview of her soon.

During a counseling class with Tania we found that she was very much ill-treated physically and mentally, you cannot even imagine the torture suffered by Tania. The abductors treated her barbarically, using her butt hole to sexually please themselves. We have immediately arranged her surgery and she will be recovered soon. But it is shameful for A Human rights and Christian Rights Organization who only used her to get funds and benefits. We would request the international community to look  in such matters closely and support the victims directly rather than giving money for such people and Organizations who use God’s Money for their Luxury life-style.   

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