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Tag Archives: somalia

Kashmir. Residents are being warned to prepare for a possible nuclear war.

Residents of embattled Kashmir — over which Pakistan and India have been fighting for years — are being warned to prepare for a possible nuclear war, according to a report published locally. Indian officials reportedly told residents Monday in an advisory published in the Greater Kashmir newspaper to build “basements where the whole family canContinue Reading

Egypt. Washington to Morsi, Ex-leader of Muslim Brotherhood: F-16s will be delivered and aid will go forward.

Key to “managing relations” with Morsi is ignoring almost everything related to the Muslim Brotherhood and everything Morsi does that defies democratic norms. The F-16s will be delivered and aid will go forward.   For days now, the twittersphere and even the mainstream media have been agog at the anti-Semitism spewing in a now-viral videoContinue Reading

Iran. Report based on interviews with 31 Christians, their attorneys, activists, and journalists.

The report is compiled from 31 interviews with Iranian Christians, their attorneys, Christian’s Rights activists, and Iranian Christian journalists. Also, some documentation including court rulings as well as religious rulings issued by Shi’a Islamic clerics are presented and analyzed. The report, prepared by International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, has documented violation of IranianContinue Reading

Turkey. Police arrested 13 suspects accused of plotting an attack against members of church.

Turkish police have arrested 13 suspects accused of plotting an attack against members of a Protestant church and their pastor in a northwestern city, a local official said on Friday. “The suspects who were arrested by the counter-terrorism units on Tuesday are accused of plotting an attack on the members of the Christian community andContinue Reading

Middle East. Journalists are forced to use Facebook to publish – FB “accidentally” removed article.

Many Palestinian journalists, and those in the Middle East, are forced to use Facebook to publish what their own media will not accept. But the problem becomes worse when Facebook itself starts removing material that bothers dictatorships and tyrants. One can only hope that the same Facebook employee who “accidentally” removed the article will makeContinue Reading

Egypt. Muslims came out of mosques with hammers and destroyed building belonging to the Coptic Church.

Hundreds of Muslims came out of mosques with hammers and destroyed a social services building belonging to the Coptic Church while chanting Islamic slogans. Security forces arrived after the building was completely razed. The 100 square meters social services building in the village of Fanous, Tamia district in Fayoum province, 130 KM south west ofContinue Reading

Iran. “One day there are intense pains after beatings, the next day they offer you candy.”

An Iranian-American who will go on trial in Iran on Monday (Jan. 21) for apostasy, or leaving Islam, has been beaten and threatened with the death penalty during interrogation, sources said. Saeed Abedini, 32, will have his case handled by a judge notorious for handing death sentences to human rights activists. Judge Pir-Abassi has beenContinue Reading

China. 2012 Christians persecution, 10 cases based on severity, impact and significance.

2012 was a year of dramatic upheavals for the Chinese government and Chinese society.  The eruption of one explosive and unexpected incident after another provided the Chinese people as well as the rest of the world with a stream of cliff-hanging, dramatic news stories.  Current events changed, a leadership transition took place, but the Christians continued toContinue Reading

Kenya. Jihad in Somalia spills into Kenya – tensions between Christians and Muslim.

The jihad in Somalia seems to have spilled into Kenya now where tensions between the Christian majority and the Muslim minority are building. Even as the Muslim hardliners connected to al-Shabaab (subsequently al-Qaeda) gain influence, the economic plight in Kenya seems only to add fuel to the fires they’re stirring. As a result, attacks onContinue Reading

North Korea. Freedom of religion and human rights level is zero percent.

North Korean refugees overwhelmingly believe North Korea should indeed be number one on Open Doors’ annual World Watch List. They state that the complete lack of human rights, including freedom of religion, makes the situation in their country incomparable to any other. According to Timothy (alias), a 24-year-old North Korean who was branded a traitorContinue Reading

What makes Rescue Christians different from most others?

Most organizations have a mission for alleviating Christian persecution by predominantly focusing on providing Bibles, evangelizing non-Christians and sending representatives around the world to inform others about persecution.

We are unique from most others in that we focus ALL our efforts on actually saving Christians from being liquidated.