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Survivor of Garissa massacre in Kenya “If you Hesitate you are shot”

Report by France 24 (English Channel) 240 now confirmed murdered by Al Shabab terrorists. The death toll from Islam continues to mount, but we probably have seen nothing what we expect to come. Rescue Christians are partnering with people who now training Christians to defend themselves from the terrorists, be apart of the effort donate […]

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Rescue Christians Executive Director and International Director Featured on National TV in Spain

Posted by Keith Davies Executive Director Over the last few weeks we have been on our travels seeking partnerships to help save the Christians of the Middle East and Asia. While in Spain we were invited to do a interview with a popular political TV commentary show called “El Gato al Agua” (bring the cat […]

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“50-70 Million Christians Could be Murdered over Next 10-15 years” states Executive Director of Rescue Christians

Keith Davies the Executive Director of Rescue Christians did interview with Lumen Chrsiti TV show to talk about the work of Rescue Christians. Watch this powerful interview (one of three with Lumen Christi) that explains the issues of Christian Persecution and what Rescue Christians is trying to do to Rescue their brethren. In the interview […]

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VIAGRA and Kinky Underwear on the Booty List of ISIS Fighters

According to one report, ISIS fighters are on the lookout for both VIAGRA and kinky underwear for their women whom they abuse. One is left only to speculate as to why but it seems that ISIS terrorists are becoming more violent and ruthless in more ways than one: Militants fighting for the Islamic State in […]

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Muslims Murder Innocent School Students in Pakistan

With the recent news of the heinous terror attack perpetrated by Muslims against schoolchildren in Pakistan, we bring you a report from one of our Rescue Christians contacts on the ground: Islamabad, Pakistan 16th Dec, 2014 – Six Islamic terrorists stormed a school in Pakistan on Tuesday 16th Dec, 2014, killing at least 137 people, […]

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Rescue Christians Supporters and Donors Helped Save Over 500 People Over Last Couple of Weeks

Posted by Keith Davies, Executive Director of Rescue Christians Rescue Christians continues to save hundreds of Christians from slavery. RC donors helped save over 500 people over last couple of weeks. This week over 50 people will be freed from slavery. In last month nearly 300 people freed from bondage and 250 more have applied […]

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Saving Our Brethren from the coming Holocaust of Christians by Islam.

My fellow Americans, we are now witnessing as the Bible foretold the persecution, coming tribulation and Holocaust of Christians in Muslim majority countries, the land of the coming Beast empire. Our leaders both on the left and right, in the USA and Europe have been corrupted by the “peaceful religion” as well as selling out […]

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ISIS Blows Up Church in Syria Dedicated to Victims of Armenian Genocide

The town of Der Zor east of Damascus was home to unspeakable atrocities committed against the Armenian Christians at the hands of the Turks a century ago. A church built there that was dedicated to the memories of the hundreds of thousands of victims has been bombed by ISIS with the tacit support of… the […]

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Rescue Christians will Free over 200 people from Slavery in September

Dear Readers and Donors of Rescue Christians. First let me address a little issue, which we would like to remedy over next few weeks. Those who donate on PayPal we as yet have not developed a way of acknowledging your generosity. We will be working on that shortly. If you need a receipt for tax […]

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Rescue Christians Report – Being Part of the Greatest Rescue Mission in History

Dear Reader/Donor First let me thank all those who support our work especially to the people WE KNOW who are not wealthy and live on a limited income who support freely and generously the work we do to save our brethren from both death and severe persecution. Many who call to donate tell us a […]

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Defense of Christians does not Excuse Jew Hatred

To his credit, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) walked off the stage during his speech at an event intended to show support for Middle Eastern Christians when several in the audience booed his call for solidarity with Israel. Cruz was apparently aware of the anti-Israeli streak in the group In Defense of Christians (IDC) but […]

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ISIS Captures Lebanese Soldier And “Sacrifice” Him To Allah

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS captured and executed another Lebanese soldier, named Abbas Medlej. According to his mother, My son was sacrificed As we read from one report: Mr Medlej would be the second captive Lebanese soldier killed by the Islamic State group, underscoring the grave challenges that face the ill-equipped Lebanese military as it fends […]

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Muslims Take Christian Family And Make Them Slaves, When The Daughter Gets A Horrible Illness, The Parents Beg For Mercy, But The Muslims Cruelly Leave Her To Die

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat Rescue Christians just recently rescued three Christian families from Islamic slavery in Pakistan, who were forced to be slaves laboring in brick kilns. These poor Christians were kept as slaves, abused and forced to not observe their Faith. The saddest case was that of Waseem Masih and his wife Nasreen. […]

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Obama Caught using Persecuted Christians as Political Weapon Against Former Secretary of State

A Christian holocaust has been taking place on Barack Obama’s watch all across the Middle East since the Arab Spring began in 2011. Not only has he largely ignored it publicly but he has facilitated it covertly. There has been far more outrage directed at Israel over its alleged treatment of Palestinians, which is actually […]

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Shoebat talks ISIS with Michael Savage

On August 8th, Walid joined the Savage Nation and talked about the latest developments in Iraq with ISIS. The conversation turned toward Turkey and the caliphate as well as why American pastors have been silent in the face of their Christian brothers and sisters being brutally slaughtered. PLEASE CONSIDER A ONE-TIME OR MONTHLY DONATION TO […]

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Crying Iraqi Christian Woman Fleeing Savages says ISIS making her ‘Faith Grow Stronger’

An Iraqi Christian woman named Rwaa is fleeing the unspeakable atrocities perpetrated by ISIS. She appeared on a BBC radio show and was asked by a BBC radio host about the ISIS practice for forcing people to convert or die. Rwaa said this: “It makes my faith grow stronger because it’s written in the Bible […]

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