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Egypt. 100,000 Christians have left since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power.

Life for Christians under the government of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt has become difficult. Reports are emerging that up to 100,000 Christians have left Egypt since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power. Some of those have arrived in Moscow. VoR’s Brendan Cole went there to investigate. This week Cairo saw the launch of a CommitteeContinue Reading

Nigeria. Deborah Shettima, 48, mother of six, lost nearly all her family in an attack by Boko Haram.

Her narration was as spell binding as it was gruesome. Mrs. Deborah Shettima, 48, and mother of six, who in a day lost nearly all she had laboured for in life in an attack by Boko Haram insurgents on her household, recounted yesterday in Abuja, the blackest day of her life. She watched in horrorContinue Reading

North Korean is threatening to launch a nuclear strike.

North Korean is raising the level of its anti-American rhetoric, threatening to cancel its decades-old armistice and launch a nuclear strike while accusing the United States of using military drills in South Korea to launch a nuclear war. The cease fire between Korea and America in 1953 ended the three-year Korean War, and if dissolvedContinue Reading

Libya. hate and hostility for Christians.

Last week’s news of four Christian missionaries in Libya placed under arrest, possibly facing the death penalty for “proselytizing,” is apparently the tip of the iceberg. Yesterday, Arabic media reported that over 100 Christian Copts from Egypt, who appear to have been living and working in Libya, were recently arrested in Ben Ghazi—also on theContinue Reading

Iran. Two Christian arrested and transferred Evin prison – family has no contact.

After one unsuccessful attempt to arrest a Christian couple, Iranian judicial and security authorities summoned their families, threatened them and asked them to cooperate with them. Knowledgeable sources told Mohabat News that plain-clothes security authorities arrested two Christian converts, identified as Shahrzad Y. and Sam S. in Tehran. The reports received indicate that security authoritiesContinue Reading

Nigeria. Gun men killed 13 Christians for not observing the evening Muslim prayers.

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN has urged the authorities to probe the gruesome killing of 13 factory workers identified as Christians at Sheka, Sharada Phase 111 in Kumbotso Local Government Area of Kano, by gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members. Although CAN has started its own probe of the killings, it wants theContinue Reading

China. Christian seminar harassed by Public Security Bureau – police booked by force ID information.

Christians of various house churches in Beijing held a joint seminar on Monday of this week so that they could give their opinions on the Cape Town Commitment achieved at the Third Lausanne Congress. However, the seminar was harassed by the Public Security Bureau when a police officer booked by force the ID information ofContinue Reading

Libya. 48 Egyptian Christians detained and tortured by their captors.

Libyan Islamists detained 48 Egyptian Christians in Benghazi last week, torturing them and using acid to burn off tattoos of the cross, according to family members. The Christians, who are peddlers, were arrested by Islamist Salafists in Benghazi, who said they had Christian icons at their marketplace stalls, according to Mideast Christian News. The menContinue Reading

Great Britain. Four Islamic extremists admitted plotting a major terror attack.

Islamists collected thousands of pounds to fund terrorist plot on Britain. Police used bugs to uncover plans for improvised explosive device attack. Four Islamic extremists admitted plotting a terrorist attack on British soil armed with guns and home-made bombs. The men were caught after in a massive multi-million pound surveillance operation by police and theContinue Reading

Egypt. Rumor of conversation set off rioting – Hundreds of Muslims threw firebombs and rocks.

A senior security official says a missing Muslim woman suspected of conversion to Christianity has been found. Her disappearance set off rioting in southern Egypt. Muslims stormed a church in Kom Ombo, charging that the woman was being held there. Major General Hassan Abdul-Hay, security chief of Aswan, told reporters late Saturday that “family andContinue Reading

What makes Rescue Christians different from most others?

Most organizations have a mission for alleviating Christian persecution by predominantly focusing on providing Bibles, evangelizing non-Christians and sending representatives around the world to inform others about persecution.

We are unique from most others in that we focus ALL our efforts on actually saving Christians from being liquidated.