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Tag Archives: Malaysia

Tanzania. Pregnant Mother Forced Out of Home for becoming a Christian.

Click Here to Save a Christians Life Now! By the time Lukia Khalid, mother of three and nearly seven months pregnant, was baptized on March 30, her Muslim husband had already forced her out of their home in western Tanzania for becoming a Christian. That was a week after the 38-year-old Khalid and her husband,Continue Reading

Syria. Two prominent bishops were kidnapped by armed rebels.

Click Here to Save a Christians Life Now! Two prominent Syrian bishops, who had warned of the threat to religious tolerance and diversity from the two-year conflict in their country, were kidnapped on Monday by armed rebels in the northern province of Aleppo, state media said. SANA news agency said the Syriac Orthodox and GreekContinue Reading

China. U.S. Church Leader Under House Arrest; Seven House Church Leaders Sentenced to Prison.

Click Here to Save a Christians Life Now! A well-known U.S. church leader, Dennis Balcombe, was being held by police under house arrest in Henan province following a Saturday raid on a house church revival meeting, and his current whereabouts are unknown. Dennis Balcombe has long been in Christian ministry in Hong Kong and heContinue Reading

USA. Boston Bomber “wanted to defend Islam”.

Click Here to Save a Christians Life Now! Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, the surviving suspect in the bombing of the Boston marathon, has confirmed that his older brother Tamerlan was behind the attack, CNN reports, citing a United States government source. Tamerlan, 26, was killed in a shootout with police last week. Dzhokhar has reportedly saidContinue Reading

Belgium. Growing concerns about the threat posed by Islamic jihadists.

Click Here to Save a Christians Life Now! Some 1,000 Muslims from across Europe are currently active as Islamic jihadists in Syria, which has replaced Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia as the main destination for militant Islamists to obtain immediate combat training with little or no official scrutiny. Belgian police have carried out dozens of raidsContinue Reading

Pakistan. Advocacy group urged president to release Christians accused of defaming Islam.

Click Here to Save a Christians Life Now! An advocacy group urged Pakistan’s president Wednesday, April 17, to release Christians accused of defaming Islam and halt “the misuse of blasphemy laws” after court proceedings against a man whose alleged “derogatory remarks” about Islam’s Prophet Mohammad sparked riots in Lahore city. “We are profoundly concerned overContinue Reading

Nigeria. Over 900 Christians were killed in attacks in 2012.

Click Here to Save a Christians Life Now! The publicly reported Christian casualties in Nigeria last year were greater than the Christian casualties of Pakistan, Syria, Kenya and Egypt combined. In fact, Nigeria alone accounted for almost 70 percent of Christians killed globally. This makes Nigeria the most lethal country for Christians by a hugeContinue Reading

Vietnam. Death of church leader Hoang Van Nga in police custody.

Click Here to Save a Christians Life Now! CSW has received new information concerning the circumstances surrounding the death of Vietnamese church leader Hoang Van Ngai (also known as Vam Ngaij Vaj), who died in police custody in Dak Glong District in Dak Nong Province on 17 March. Police claims that Ngai died after puttingContinue Reading

China. Imprisoned Christian Zhu Yufu Dissident Feared to be Near Death.

Click Here to Save a Christians Life Now! Recent efforts to help imprisoned dissident and Christian Zhu Yufu, whose life is feared to be in danger, have apparently resulted in intensified persecution of him, leading to a redoubling of efforts to try to win his release on medical parole. Last week, ChinaAid founder and presidentContinue Reading

World. Muslim Persecution of Christians: February, 2013

“We thank our young men, trained in Somalia, for killing an infidel. Many more will die.” — Message signed by Muslim Renewal Reports of Christian persecution by Muslims around the world during the month of February include (but are not limited to) the following accounts. They are listed by form of persecution, and in countryContinue Reading

What makes Rescue Christians different from most others?

Most organizations have a mission for alleviating Christian persecution by predominantly focusing on providing Bibles, evangelizing non-Christians and sending representatives around the world to inform others about persecution.

We are unique from most others in that we focus ALL our efforts on actually saving Christians from being liquidated.