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Muslims Butcher 99 Christians In A Matter Of Moments

Muslims Butcher 99 Christians In A Matter Of Moments

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims charged into Catholic church in Wada Chakawa village in Adamawa state, set off explosives, took hostages, and ripped through Christians with bullets in a five-hour attack. The Muslims also attacked another church in the village of Kawuri and killed more Christians there. The incursion left 99 Christians dead. John Onaiyekan ofContinue Reading

Pakistani Priest: Government Lies About Small Number Of Christians

Pakistani Priest: Government Lies About Small Number Of Christians

  They have to lie about how much of a minority Christians are, because if they don’t it would mean giving them more of a voice in parliament. Watch this video:     Donate now.¬† ¬† Posted by Theodore Shoebat

Two Bishops Kidnapped In Syria

Where is Barbara Walters protesting against this?     Posted by Theodore Shoebat

Pakistanti Christian: Cries of Christians Fall On Deaf Ears

Pakistani Christian¬†Nasir Saeed gives these melancholy words on the suffering of Christians in voting poles:   It is just a few days until Pakistanis head to the polls for historic elections on May 11 and extremists are doing their best to scare people into staying at home with their sickening bombing campaign. The Pakistani governmentContinue Reading

Pakistan. Martyrs of Pakistani Christians sacrificed their lives for rights of millions of Christians.

Pakistan. Martyrs of Pakistani Christians sacrificed their lives for rights of millions of Christians.

We are observing 15th anniversary of Martyr Feroz Masih, who was killed by Karachi Police firing in front of Governor House on February 13, 1997, during a peaceful protest procession against Muslim mob attack on a Christian village Shanti Nagar in Punjab province of Pakistan. In clouds of tear gas shelling and police firing onContinue Reading

Rescue Christians saves two more Pakistani families this month

Two weeks ago we rescued one family from a blasphemy case and they now have been relocated within Pakistan, to a safe house. Today, we rescued a Christian family of seven who have been indentured in slavery for nearly twenty years. Twenty years ago the mother of the family had been diagnosed with cancer andContinue Reading

Syria. Islamists have expelled 90 percent of Christians in Homs

While the world is raising concerns over rights abuses by anti-government forces in Syria’s ongoing violent conflict, few would even know that militant Islamists have expelled the majority of Christians from the western city of Homs, according to the country’s largest church. The Catholic news agency Fides says it has received a note from theContinue Reading

Syria. Christians desperate to flee the besieged city of Homs are caught in the crossfire

Homs is the third largest city in Syria;its population is around 17-18% Christian. Christians desperate to flee the besieged Syrian city of Homs are caught in the crossfire; they are not even safe in their own homes as fighters invade and plunder their properties. The rebels, who are increasingly influenced by Sunni Islamists, go fromContinue Reading

Egypt. The Zabbaleen who live in garbage city, are Coptic Christians…

Coptic Christians make up 11 to 15 per cent of Egypt’s population and are the largest Christian community in the Middle East. The Zabbaleen, known in Arabic as ‘the garbage collectors,’ are one of the largest single concentrations of Coptics in the country. For decades, the Zabbaleen have served as the city’s unofficial trash collectorsContinue Reading

Centuries of persecution of Christians In Arab countries

In Arab countries the religious freedom of Christians is restricted and their number has been reduced because of harassment, fear, and persecution. In the voluminous commentaries on the Middle East today very little attention has been given to the sad fate of Christians in the Arab and Muslim countries. Even less attention has been paidContinue Reading

What makes Rescue Christians different from most others?

Most organizations have a mission for alleviating Christian persecution by predominantly focusing on providing Bibles, evangelizing non-Christians and sending representatives around the world to inform others about persecution.

We are unique from most others in that we focus ALL our efforts on actually saving Christians from being liquidated.