On the 10th ofJuly 2016 Rescue Christians received information of a new false blasphemy case in Pakistan.

Nadeem James a poor Christian man 28 years old who lives in the small town of Sara-e-Alamgir Gujrat in Pakistan.

Nadeem James is illiterate and works as a tailor, on July 4th was accused of sending the blasphemous contents about Muhammad by text from his telephone.

The Police registered FIR No- 301/16 under section 295-C and 298-A, after his Muslim “friend” Yasir Bashir complained to the police about the text message.

Immediately after the incident was reported in the local media and at the local mosques, the fundamentalist Muslims gathered in the Christian colony known as Father’s Colony to intimidate the Christian community. Father’s Colony has about 50 Christian families living in the village; most of them fled, taking refuge with relatives in nearby villages. Local police tried to protect the Christian community from the Muslim lunatics who desired to burn down the Christian houses like they have done in the past in Badami Bagh and Gojra City.

When the blasphemy charges were instigated against Nadeem all the Christian NGOs only wished to report on the case, however none of them were willing to try and save the man from his fate. Only our team made the effort to save him from jail and torture. It is difficult but not impossible to save victims like these but Rescue Christians is the only organization to have been successful in the past. We have saved Ryan Stanton, Martha Bibi, Tariq Yousaf and many others that were in this dangerous situation. We believe in action and not just words.

One of our connections contacted our team leader and informed him that he had access to the Nadeem James and if our team would like to handle the case to try and save him from the clutches of the Pakistani “injustice system,” we agreed. Immediately after we approved the operation our team started making the relocation plan to get him out of Pakistan.

Meanwhile the Pakistani police intimidated the family of Nadeem James and they arrested both sisters-in-law of Nadeem. They were threatened with prosecution if they did not give up their brother. They were released the next day, they were not named in the FIR. We had already prepared a legal appeal against the forced dentation of the woman which turned out not to be necessary. The intimidation of the women worked and caused major issues for Nadeem and our team.

On the 12th of July as our team was finalizing the whole plan the brothers of Nadeem James and a pastor involved in the case contacted our people on the ground and forced them to return the Nadeem as they wished them to hand him over to the police. Initially we resisted but it was apparent that our people would be compromised and they themselves would become the hunted. We were shocked that Nadeem James own kin were willing to betray their own flesh and blood. The Blasphemy charge of 295 C, is the most serious of all blasphemy charges and carries the death sentence and is very difficult to get an acquittal.

We now have also established a serious problem for our organization as we had received information that the police were secretly observing the activity of our team regarding this case. Our lawyer in Pakistan was threatened with arrest for harboring a fugitive and now all our rescue team personel were in imminent danger. The betrayal of Nadeem by his own family also now seriously compromised our people.

We recorded a short heartbreaking testimoney of Nadeem James before we handed him back to his family which you can watch here


We tried by all means not to give up Nadeem but we had no choice without all our people being arrested. We can live to fight another day. We have already started to implement new security arrangements and precautions so we can continue our work on the ground. We will never give up this fight to save our people.

Instead of having Nadeem escape to another country we will now fight the court case to have him released from prison and get these the false charges dismissed in court. We are very confidant that we can achieve this goal. We are close on another case (of blasphemy 295 C) to achieving the same goal, and we will do the same for Nadeem James and provide the resources, which you our readers have donated and continue to do so.

Please also pray for Nadeem James and all our teams on the ground. Nadeem is facing a very tough time and will likely be tortured and beaten in prison. We are all heartbroken that we had to give him up. It is sad that Nadeem James real friends were strangers, yet his own flesh and blood sold him out because of fear. The people we have on the ground in Pakistan are the true heroes, they risk their lives and their freedom each and every day to save their brethren. They are a rare breed and can only be compared to the heroes of World War II, like Raoul Wallenberg, Oscar Schindler and a few others who risked all to save their people from death and false imprisonment. If you would like to support our efforts to save our brethren please click here.


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