RescueChristians FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can we know if we can trust you?

A: Rescue Christians takes on the highest profile cases of rape and Blasphemy law. It is the most trusted organization that took on several cases that only became prominent as a result of our work. A simple search would yield several high profile cases with testimonies from the victims themselves including their families. For security reasons we can not publish all of our work, but the cases that are not high security we publish here.

Q: Why should I get involved in Rescuing Christians?

A: In Matthew 25, Christ will judge us on the basis of what we did for the suffering. He depicts the suffering Israel (both Jews and adopted Christians) as His body “For I was hungry and you gave Me food, naked and you clothed me, in prison and you visited me …”

The verses need little interpretation: these who cared will enter the Kingdom and these who didn’t care will be left out.

Q: Why should I donate to Rescue Christians?

A: We actually prefer you don’t, and instead, you go to Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Turkey to see the condition of the suffering Christians and deliver the aid yourself. Rescue Christians raises the money, deliver the aid to our teams on the ground through our NGOs who do extremely dangerous work. These NGOs risk their lives tremendously as we do. We are threatened continually, some were even shot at and wounded, and we all have to live dangerously. In other words, donations do not do us any personal favors. In fact, Rescue Christians is aiding everyone, you as the donor in that we give you the opportunity to facilitate your duty as a Christian in helping our suffering brethren. Rescue Christians also help the suffering by participating in doing our duty in risking our lives instead of yours. But it is impossible to carry out such a task if we do not all work together.

Q: Why should we donate to Rescue Christians, especially since I do not agree with some of the theology expressed on

A: Jesus did not agree with the theology of the Samaritans, yet in His parable, he honored the Samaritan for helping the suffering. One does not call 911 and ask if the dispatched police or firefighter is Baptist, Messianic, Worships on Saturday or Sunday, spells Jesus’ name as Yeshua or Yahashua or in plain English “Jesus,” or in Greek or if he is Orthodox who believes in transubstantiation or a Protestant who believes Communion is only to remember Christ’s suffering.

Yet, we continually get emails that are hurtful even from our donors who complain about articles written on that does not meet their theological fancy. They quickly write us threatening to pull their funds. They do not keep in mind that such articles are the views of the writer and not the views of everyone on the Rescue Christians team.

Yet we frequently get this type of complaints. It is crucial to know that the opinions expressed at do not reflect the views of everyone on the Rescue Christians Team and your complaints have a place on, which the authors respond to. We at Rescue Christians differ on many issues within ourselves.

For example: Jews do not even believe Jesus is the Messiah. Does that hinder us from aiding the Jews? God forbid. Yet we have Jews on our team. If our Jewish helpers write theological articles, they might be “Why Jesus is not the Messiah?” While this is their view, it has nothing to do with the main mission of Rescue Christians.

Yet if we at Rescue Christians do not allow such issues to hinder our work in aiding the suffering, why should it hinder yours?

Q: What is your doctrinal statement?

A: Rescue Christians is not a church, it’s a mission to save Christian lives. This question should be addressed if you wish to join a church and not to save the ones who are about to die. We would not ask such a question from a drowning Muslim, much to a suffering Christian. The Rescue Christians team comprises of Christians and Jews who dedicate their lives to saving Christian lives. If Jews are willing to risk their lives to save Christians, shouldn’t Christians even care more? Christians are supposed to provoke the Jew to Jealousy and not vise versa?

Q: What denomination Christians do you save?

A: All. In general, we only aid Christians who we can determine believe in the Trinity, The Crucifixion, The Redemption and The Resurrection of Christ. As far as the theological differences are concerned, we rescue all and have Christ sort them out in the end. It is not our job to pluck the tares or to point out the goats. Our job is to weed through to ensure that the cases are genuine and we remove fraudulent applicants.

Q: What are the most major hindrances to Rescue Christians?

A: Slander, fraudulent applications, and ministries that claim to aid the persecuted when in fact they are in the awareness business and some are downright greedy. In many cases, when the blasphemy case becomes prominent as result of the efforts of Rescue Christians, many organizations would want to attach their name to the case to claim they are helping when in fact they are using the media to gain donations.