To our Readers and financial supporters we would like to firstly thank you for your loyal support for the work we do to help save our brethren from persecution and slavery.

This year we saved nearly 2000 people, each month without fail we have released between one and two hundred slaves. Our leader of the slave program who organizes the videos has been sick so we have not been able to publish the videos of all these “victories” for several months but as soon as he is in better health we will publish the videos which proves a the work we have done in 2017. If you have never seen our work regarding the slaves from the brick kilns please watch our documentary here:

We also have done much work in Pakistan and some in Nigeria with individual cases in other countries. We are working on two major cases now concerning the blasphemy laws in Pakistan but cannot talk about these cases which are fluid as I write this message, but will publish the details once they brought to safety.

A case we have been working on for three year where we moved a Yemenite convert (to Christianity) to Sri Lanka and registered him as a refugee has been waiting to come to the USA since we rescued him in April 2014 from Yemen. His case has been verified and approved but the US government for nearly a year has delayed his travel to the USA and sadly the Trump administration because of the new immigration standards has delayed his ability to restart his life here in the USA even though his case has been thoroughly vetted. A few days before Christmas he was brutally attacked in Sri Lanka by thieves who knocked him unconscious and robbed him of his possessions. We are now helping him recover from this ordeal and we are now seeking that his case receive preferential treatment from the State Department.

We started work in Nigeria this year and completed two rescues of Christians who had been brutalized by Muslims in the North of the country. Our rescue leader on the ground had her house burnt to the ground a few weeks ago and we have sent resources so she can get new accommodation so she can continue her work to save Christians from the Muslims especially in the North of Nigeria where the danger is the greatest.

We are the only organization that specializes in freeing or helping Christians escape danger from persecution. Our people who work on the ground risk their lives each day so that they can save their brethren. Since we started our work in 2009 we have saved around 15,000 people and not one of these people could have been saved without the donations you have provided to be able to do this work. We also request your prayers for all our teams so they maybe safe in thier dangerous work.

Persecution and slavery is at record levels and growing. We greatly appreciate your support and hope you can continue to support our work. If you can help us and take advantage of the tax deduction in 2017 tax year please click here to donate

We wish you all a very blessed, happy, and prosperous new year.

Thank You

Keith Davies
Executive Director Rescue Christians


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