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Canada is known as the true north strong and free, but what does that mean?

Are we only strong sometimes? Are we only true when people are watching? I don’t believe so. We say God keep our land, glorious and free, but at what cost? Do we honestly think God would want us to stand by and watch as his children are raped and murdered? What is our freedom worth when there are christian children being enslaved, raped and murdered?

This generation is seeing some of the worst things that mankind has to offer, genocides have become commonplace. People in other lands are being killed or enslaved simply because they want to worship God as they see fit. Christians are not even safe in their churches. Religious based violence is at an all time high, in an era when mankind is supposed to be past all that.

There are currently 20,000 Iraqi and Syrian Christian orphans whose parents have been killed by ISIS, existing on the border of Turkey. CHILDREN. Canada a nation that opens our borders to every man, woman and child, will be guilty of another St Louis (a refugee ship episode that every Canadian should be ashamed of) if we do not open our borders to these Christian civilians, who will be killed if not given a safe place to live.

These are Children who have been orphaned and in many cases abused and treated horrifically. These are men and women who refused to convert to Islam even at the point of a gun.

What must happen is action. This petition is to motivate our government to allow Christian refugees, including the 20,000 orphaned Christian children to be brought through Canadian borders with the help and operation of Rescue Christians. WE believe that all Canadians share common values and one of those values is to help people who need help, to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

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