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What Every Christian Needs To Know About Some Of The Most Beautiful Christian Music Out There

By Theodore Shoebat There are many genres and types of Christian music, but few know about the sublime beauty of ancient Christian chant from the nation of Georgia. I did an entire video demonstrating its harmonies and divine beauties: AFTER WATCHING, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION THAT WILL SAVE THE LIVES OF PERSECUTED […]

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The Vatican Beatifies Christian Monk Who Was Skinned Alive For Refusing To Convert To Islam

By Theodore Shoebat The Vatican has just beatified a Christian monk who was skinned alive for refusing to convert to Islam. One Report says: Father Francesco Zirano (1564-1603), a Franciscan Conventual friar who was flayed alive in Algeria after he refused to renounce his faith, was beatified in Sassari, Sardinia, on October 12. Cardinal Angelo […]

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NEW REPORT: Mass Grave Discovered, Filled With Forty Mutilated Bodies Of Victims Murdered By Muslim Jihadists

By Theodore Shoebat A mass grave filled with forty mutilated bodies has been discovered in the Muslim area of Balochistan in Pakistan. Only a few of the victims have been identified, but the rest are pending: “Not all bodies have been identified. Merely three out of 17 bodies have been identified so far. The government […]

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ISIS Jihadists Take Young Girl And Sell Her Into Sex Slavery, She Takes A Pistol And Shoots Her Captor To Death

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS jihadists sold a Yezidi girl to sex slavery, and when she was in the house of her captor, she took a pistol and shot her captor to death. As one report explains: She told her interviewer that she looked for chances to escape and her opportunity came when the housekeeper, upset […]

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Let Christ Be Right And Every Pope And Reformer Who Opposed Him Be A Liar: The Ten Simple Questions No One Can Answer

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Let Christ be right and every Pope and Reformer who opposed Him be a liar! Call me “confused,” call me names. Say that I am “out on a lim,” I don’t care anymore. They tell me that all I need is Scripture. Well, sure, but at times I have caught […]

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Liberal Actress Famous for Playing Vampire has Bleeding Heart for Merciless Muslim Terrorist Savages

Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart is perhaps best known for her role as a vampire in the Twilight movies. It’s only fitting that in real life, she would have a bleeding heart for terrorists and disrespect for the U.S. military. In an interview with the Daily Beast, Stewart talks about her new movie, Camp X-Ray, in […]

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John Kerry Uses Arabic Acronym for Islamic State Because it Doesn’t Sound Like ‘Islamic State’ in English

The fact that the term “Islamic” is in the name of “Islamic State” has proved to be quite the stumbling block for an Obama administration which insists that the Islamic State is “not Islamic”. The leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is compounding the problem with all the Degrees he has in Islamic […]

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ISIS magazine shows its flag flying over Vatican

(ANSA) – Vatican City, October 13 – The black flag of Islamic militant group ISIS is shown flying above St. Peter’s Square on the cover of the group’s magazine Dabiq, which called in its latest issue for a war against the Catholic Church. With the headline The Failed Crusade, the photo-shopped cover of Dabiq caps […]

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ISIS Getting Weapons and Ammo Meant for Syria’s ‘Moderate’ Rebels

In an interview with NPR, a field investigator for Conflict Armament Research (CAR) named Damien Spleeters revealed that ISIS is becoming the beneficiary of weapons coming from an increasingly prolific list of countries. Many of these weapons are not intended for ISIS but end up in their hands anyway. Below are some excerpts from the […]

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Army Completes Report on Bowe Bergdahl but American People Can’t see it

The Army’s report on the case of Bowe Bergdahl has been completed. But you can’t see it until after the election. As if there weren’t enough red flags, cover-ups and lies: Bergdahl, who was released in May of this year, is currently stationed at Fort Sam Houston U.S. Army North in San Antonio, TX. The […]

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Major Elite Muslim Military Army, Does Horrific Human Sacrifice, Where One Muslim Allows Himself To Be Ritually Sacrificed For Allah

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) While beheading is subscribed in Islam, just when was it revived within the ranks of ISIS as a form of human sacrifice akin to what we see in the Aztecs is subject for debate. What is probably shocking is what discovered from what the Yemeni TV just released today, […]

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Christian Pastor, John Piper: I Would Not Have Killed Hitler, Because The Bible Says To Love Your Neighbor And “Thou Shalt Not Kill”

By Theodore Shoebat Christian pastor, John Piper, said that he would not have killed Hitler because the Bible says to love your neighbor. I did an entire video on this: Killing Hitler would not have been murder, and it would not be going against loving your neighbor, but instead, it would be a great illustration […]

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Rescue Christians Supporters and Donors Helped Save Over 500 People Over Last Couple of Weeks

Posted by Keith Davies, Executive Director of Rescue Christians Rescue Christians continues to save hundreds of Christians from slavery. RC donors helped save over 500 people over last couple of weeks. This week over 50 people will be freed from slavery. In last month nearly 300 people freed from bondage and 250 more have applied […]

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Kurdish Fighter Mocks ISIS Corpses By Placing The Mark Of The Beast On Their Foreheads

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) In this video, two Kurdish fighters who killed some ISIS terrorists in Kobane are mocking the bodies by placing the banner of “No God But Allah” on the foreheads of the corpses reminding them that they cannot enter paradise unless they have the mark reminding each corpse by talking to […]

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Seven Muslims Surround And Attack Young Christian Girl For Wearing A Crucifix, And Say To Her, “You Are A Wearing A Crucifix! That Makes You A Christian F***ing Whore. Do You Know What We Do To Persons Like You? You Get Stoned!”

By Theodore Shoebat Seven Muslims in Denmark surrounded and attacked a Lebanese Christian girl for wearing a crucifix, telling her, “You Are A Wearing A Crucifix! That Makes You A Christian F***ing Whore. Do You Know What We Do To Persons Like You? You Get Stoned!” Her interview can be watched here: AFTER WATCHING, PLEASE […]

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American Government Forces Christians To Make Pro-Homosexual T-Shirts

By Theodore Shoebat The government in Kentucky is forcing a Christian t-shirt company to make pro-homosexual t-shirts. As one report says: A Kentucky Human Rights Commission examiner has ordered a Christian screen printing company to print t-shirts that bear pro-homosexual messages and undergo diversity training for declining to make shirts for a “gay pride” celebration […]

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