Every year alone in Pakistan 700 Christian girls are raped, abducted and forced to convert to Islam. These are the recorded number for cases which are reported in the media, but according to the different Christian Organizations the number is much higher. The Pakistani Government continues to fail the Christian community.

On the 23rd May we reported a case of a Christian Girl Shabana Bibi, who was abducted, raped, and forced to convert to Islam including a forced marriage by Muhammad Afzal (the Abductor).

Even after escaping she was unable to re-start her life as Muhammad Afzal was making every possible effort to regain the custody of this young girl. The Muslim extremists were playing their usual role to protect the “Muslim rights” or more accurately aid and abet their criminal kidnappers and rapists with the courts usually finding in their favor.

Initially the Muslim fundamentalist judge Munazza Rana ruled according to Muslim law and told Shabana’s father and our lawyer that “as per Sharia law she had been converted to Islam and was now the lawful wife of Muhammad Afzal.”

Our brilliant and courageous legal team decided to transfer the case to the family court and on the 23rd June 2016 Judge Shamim Watto ordered a degree against this illegal marriage contract and declared that it was a forced marriage. Shabana is now free from this so-call contract and is in a safe place protected by Rescue Christians. Praise the Lord a victory.

Today G-d has again used us to save one more life from the clutches of Muslim persecution , our work makes us different from others as we believe in real action to save our brethren from persecution. Please keep helping us to help others.

More news will be coming of major high profile cases that we at Rescue Christians are working on. We can only do this through the support of our readers. You our readers are making a huge difference to thousands of people across Asia and the Middle East. We started this project with nothing and no experience only 6 years ago and we have saved over ten thousand people from blasphemy, slavery, we have comforted and saved rape victims who have suffered unspeakable acts that are hard even to describe, and we have moved hundreds out of danger. Over the coming year we have a goal to try and save ten thousand people and with G-d’s help we will do it. If you would like to be a part of this holy work please donate here

Watch her testimony here which we previously published



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