Muslim Terrorist Brutally Slaughters Coptic Christian Bishop With A Dagger In Broad Daylight And Then Draws Crosses On Himself With His Blood, CCTV Captures The Entire Ordeal

CCTV camera captured an Egyptian Christian bishop being slaughtered by a Muslim in broad daylight. The Muslim man puled out a large knife and stabbed the bishop repeatedly in the torso and the neck, then drew crosses on himself with the bishop’s blood before fleeing but was later caught and arrested according to a recent report:

Coptic Orthodox bishop from Upper Egypt was slain outside Cairo, Egypt yesterday.

The assailant struck Bishop Samaan Shehata in the head, neck and torso with a machete in the El Salam area near El Marg District on the outskirts of Cairo, according to local reports. Shehata was born in 1972.

While a security spokesman said the suspect, Ahmed Saeed Ibrahim, was mentally ill, neighbors reportedly denied this, saying he was a
Muslim who had been “radicalized” a year ago. Since then, they said, Ibrahim had begun praying in the street, shouting loudly and calling Christians infidels.

The suspect walked calmly out of the warehouse after killing Shehata, according to security camera footage. Captured by people on the street and now in custody, Ibrahim had reportedly approached Shehata wielding the large knife while the bishop was waiting for another clergyman in his car.

Visiting from his Church of St. Julius Akfazi in Ezbet Girgis village, in Beni Suef Governorate, Shehata was waiting for another priest, the Rev. Beimen Moftah, when Ibrahim accosted him and attacked him, eyewitnesses told local press. Reports conflicted on whether Moftah, of the Church of the Arch Angel Malak in Ezbet Francis, Mattay village, was injured, but he did reportedly confront the assailant.

Stabbed in the neck and torso near the Virgin and Bishop Shenouda El Daeiry church, the wounded Shehata fled on foot into the warehouse, according to security camera footage obtained by El Youm el Sabe News agency, which shows the assailant following with the machete.

Police said eyewitnesses reported that the assailant had seen Shehata in his car, forcibly stopped him, ordered him out and then started to stab him in the neck and torso. Shehata fled, and the attacker followed him into the warehouse and finished his attack there with several blows to the head, they said.

Shehata’s driver, identified as Gerges Kamel, reportedly said the bishop had gotten out of the car to retrieve his cell phone at the warehouse when the assailant stopped him and stabbed him in the side, neck and skull. Kamel said the assailant used the bishop’s blood to form a cross on his forehead, according to a local newspaper.

An ambulance didn’t arrive until 90 minutes after the assault, according to Kamel, who added that the bishop was alive for half an hour after being struck and could have been saved if the ambulance had arrived timely.

He denied that the suspect was mentally ill.

Local press reported that the suspect was 19 years old and had joined a Salafi jihadist group three months prior. After his arrest, Ibrahim reportedly claimed that he was mentally ill and suffered from epileptic seizures. A piece of paper was reportedly found in his pocket saying, “the mission is done successfully.”

A preliminary autopsy reportedly showed the cause of death to be blows to the head with a long knife (machete), causing a longitudinal deep crack in the skull and internal bleeding in the abdomen.

Area residents said on social media that the suspect was known for insulting numerous Christians, picking fights with them and assaulting them. Christians made several complaints to police, which were largely ignored, according to local reports.

Shehata had reportedly worked for years to obtain a permit to construct a church building for his parishioners, who otherwise met in a small room of an association building, with most of the worshippers standing in the street. Recently the bishop found a 1,000-square-meter site on which to build, and he was reportedly in Cairo to collect donations for the building. Local press reported that residents had filed 18 police statements objecting to his church building plans.

Sheikh Abbas Shooman, dean of preeminent Islamic authority Al-Azhar University in Cairo, denounced the attack on Shehata, writing on Facebook, “An assault that religions reject…the treacherous attack on bishop Samaan Shehata, priest of the Church of St. Julius Akfazi in the village of Ezbet Girgis in the province of Beni Sueif, an attack rejected by the law of heaven and above all our religion.”

Ordained a priest in 1999 and promoted to bishop in 2001, Shehata served at Church of St. Julius Akfazi. According to the Coptic Orthodox Church Network, St. Julius of Agfahs (Akfazi), who lived in the late third and early fourth centuries, was martyred after writing a biography of church martyrs. (source)


Pakistani Government Publishes Anti-Christian Job Advertisement In Newspaper, Says It Is Looking For “Non-Muslims Only” To Be Garbage Workers

Christians living in Pakistan are often times severely persecuted and discriminated against in jobs. A recent incident in Pakistan illustrates how serious the discrimination is. In a recent job ad placed in the news looking for “sanitary workers,” it specified that “only non-Muslims” could apply for it:

A recent advertisement publicized has once again fanned anger among the religious minorities in Pakistan as the advertisement for the posts of sanitary workers calls for non-Muslim candidates only.

Expressing anger over the discriminatory ad, a prominent Pakistani Christian educationist Professor Anjum James Paul said that such advertisements were institutionalized religious discrimination. The recent advertisement puts forth job opportunities for car mechanic, laborer, in charge of maintenance and cleaners. However the advertisement also goes on to call only non-Muslim candidates for the position of cleaners.

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“This wording is a flagrant violation of Article 26 of the Constitution of Pakistan, which, among the fundamental rights, explicitly speaks of ‘non-discrimination’ regarding the access to public places, towards all citizens”, Professor Anjum James stated.

Professor Anjum who also heads “Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association” (PMTA) also stated: “It is a discrimination carried out by the state. It is a shameful treatment reserved to religious minorities. According to the Constitution, all citizens have equal rights and duties. It is time to put an end to this discriminatory practice not only in social relations but also in state institutions and structures. The regional government of Sindh should also follow the disposition to reserve religious minorities 5% of the state seats available, in every order and degree, but it does not”.

Religious minorities are troubled by the religion based discrimination, on the other hand most of them refer to famous speech delivered by founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam who ensured equal rights to religious minorities in Pakistan.

Speaking on August 11, 1947 Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah declared in the Assembly that: “We are all citizens of the same State. We should keep this principle before us as our ideal. So one will discover that over the years Hindus will cease to be Hindu and Muslims will cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense, because this is the personal faith of every individual, but in the political sense as citizens of the State”.

In a bid to ensure equal rights for non-Muslim Pakistanis, the civil society, social activists, rights campaigners and others are urging Pakistani government to bring about reforms in the constitution so as to curb religion based discrimination and prejudice hurled at the religious minorities. (source)

Christians who work as sanitary workers are severely abused on the job by Muslims and have died, including this year the case of a young Christian sanitary worker man who needed medical attention but Muslim doctors refused to help him because they did not want to ‘pollute’ themselves. The man died later that day.


Seven Policemen Beat 14-Year-Old Christian Teen To Death For Defending Himself In Fistfight With Muslim Who Tried To Make Him Renounce Christ

Police arrested a beat a 14-year-old Christian teenager to death after they were called to intervene in a fistfight. The teenager was attacked by another Muslim classmate who tried to make him renounce Christ, and the boy defended himself. That was when seven police intervened and instead of stopping the fight, took part in beating the teen until he died according to a report:

Police in Pakistan beat a 14-year-old Christian boy to death on Monday (Oct. 9) because he had gotten into a fight with a Muslim classmate who tried to bully him into renouncing his faith, sources said.

Mushtaq Masih, father of Arsalan Masih, said that his son was a student at a private center in Jhabran Mandi village, Sheikhupura District in Punjab Province. Arsalan was at the center when seven policemen from the Bahu Chowk Police Post arrived at about 5 p.m. in their official vehicle and stormed the premises, Masih told Morning Star News.

“Arsalan was attending his tuition classes at the Ideal Science Academy when Head Constable Imtiaz, Driver Rashid, Constable Arshad and some other unidentified policemen kicked open the door and dragged him out of the classroom,” Masih said. “Sardar, alias Billu, a police constable, helped them to identify the boy. With this, they all started beating Arsalan with fists, kicks and rifle butts.”

Teacher Farhan Ali tried to stop the assault, but the officers shoved and slapped him and continued beating the boy, Masih said.

“Rashid struck Arsalan’s head with a pistol, and he started bleeding,” he said. “When they bundled him into the police van, Arsalan collapsed and died. Later the police team threw Arsalan’s body on the roadside and fled.”

Numerous bystanders witnessed the assault, but the policemen threatened them if they intervened, he added.

Four months ago Arsalan had fought with a Muslim boy after the classmate tried to bully him into renouncing his Christian faith, said Masih, a member of the Presbyterian Church in Pakistan.

“I did not know about the fight until recently,” he said. “Arsalan had reportedly beaten up a boy whose uncle, Sardar alias Billu, is a constable in the Sheikhupura District police. Billu nurtured a grudge against Arsalan, and that’s why he brought his police friends with him to teach the poor boy a lesson.”

Masih said that he had registered a case (No. 653/17) with the Sheikhupura Saddar Police Station against seven officers, but that police had so far been unable to arrest them. (source)


Burmese Government Terrorizes, Tortures, And Murders Christians, Says ‘We Are Doing This Because This Is What Buddhism Teaches’

The Burmese Government is infamous for its human rights violations, and according to a recent report they have not just been targeting Muslims, but also in the name of Buddhism have been persecuting and murdering Christians according to a recent report:

The humanitarian crisis that touches Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State is not the only of its kind in Myanmar. Religious freedom and human rights violations by the military, Buddhist nationalist movements and ethnic Burmese affect also other ethnic minorities in other parts of the country.

All these groups share the same suffering, but have not received the same media coverage or attention by the international community as the Rohingya struggling along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border.

This is the case of the Kachin (north), Chin (west) and Naga (north-west), ethnic groups with large Christian communities that have been persecuted for decades.

By exploiting the Buddhist roots of the country’s culture, Myanmar’s military regime has for years discriminated against Christians, seen as the expression of a foreign religion contrary to its “one nation, one race, and one religion” policy.

Many of these measures are still in force and anti-Church bias is strong even though the latter has been present in the country for more than 500 years.

In Myanmar all Christian communities are subject to restrictions on land acquisition for religious purposes. Military bureaucratic procedures prevent the release of permits to communities. Just to have a place to worship, some Christians are forced to use private properties or homes.

In predominantly Buddhist areas, especially in the strongholds of Ma Ba Tha’s ultra-nationalist monks, it is almost impossible for Christians to gather together. At the same time, the government spends public money to build pagodas and monasteries, part of its policy of promoting and spreading Buddhism.

In December 2016, a report by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom of the (USCIRF) highlighted some of the worst episodes of intimidation and violence against Christians in the Asian country.

These violations include forced transfers, destruction of cemeteries, attacks on places of worship, and the ongoing campaign of forced conversions and brainwashing, which takes place in schools funded by the government in border regions, particularly in areas inhabited by ethnic Chin and Naga. Another common practice is the unjustified grab by local authorities of resource-rich land.

In Kachin areas, violations of religious freedom are intertwined with the ongoing conflict between armed groups and government forces. The military routinely occupies churches and summons entire congregations for mass interrogations and indiscriminate arrests. Very often the faithful and clergymen are considered allies of the rebels and therefore punished.

Myanmar’s powerful Armed Forces (Tatmadaw) have devastated, damaged, and destroyed many places of worship. With almost total impunity, the former continue to commit serious human rights abuses such as sexual violence inside church compounds and the torture of clergymen, believers and ordinary citizens.

In Kachin, after more than five years of conflict, more than 120,000 people have been forced to flee and live in desperate conditions, waiting to return. As long as the conflict endures, there is no real prospect for internally displaced Kachin to return to a situation of security and dignity.

Religious discrimination is in some cases institutionalised. Kachin, Naga, and Chin Christian public servants and others employed by the government are usually overlooked for promotion in favour of Buddhists.

When Christians hold government positions, they face sanctions if they do not support Buddhist initiatives. In some cases, the authorities take contributions from Christian civil servants’ salaries for Buddhist activities. In the Chin State, government employees are also forced to work on Sundays, without compensation.

Buddhism, though not officially, is considered Myanmar’s state religion. The military, whose power is not subject to the control of civil authority, has stressed the religion’s “special position” and stands as the defender of Burmese culture and tradition.

Over the years, this has led to deep rifts between the country’s various ethno-religious groups. This, in turn, has allowed the Armed Forces to reiterate their power.

With her victory in the November 2015 elections, Myanmar’s Democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi began a difficult process of pacification and national reconciliation. (source)

There has been much spoken about the Rohingya, which are a large group of mostly Muslims of Bengali descent living in Myanmar whose state in society is unclear per the government. The Rohingya have caused many problems, and the crimes coming out of this community has been well documented which include extortion, drug trafficking, and the usual violence found in Muslim majority groups.

However, at the same time, this article notes that the Burmese government is not exempt from blame. Myanmar is officially a “Buddhist” nation, and the hatred of Christians and Muslims runs deep. The persecution of Christian has been going on for at least six decades, and it is so heinous that it was the subject of the last movie in the Rambo series, in which Rambo rescues a group of Christian missionaries kidnapped by the Burmese military and tortured in heinous ways, including being fed alive to pigs. In the final scene of the movie, Rambo goes on a one-man killing rampage against the army as he is joined by Christian Karen rebels to help him.

The final scene, and probably the best in the entire Rambo series. In the final part, Rambo meets with the pagan military leader and splits his entrails open with his knife.

Make no mistake, the situation if Burma is far more than the BAD MUSLIMS HURT NICE POOR BUDDHISTS that the Counter Jihad movement would want the public to think. The reality is that while the Rohingyas have many problems and been involved in many evil activities, much more so has the Burmese military done evil than these people have in the name of Buddhism because as we have discussed before, they are merely reflecting what Buddhism already teaches. As we have discussed many times, the Buddhists are not allies of the Christians, but pagan enemies who are as bad as or worse than the Muslims:

Now, I know that there will be people who will be praising the Buddhists in Myanmar for killing Muslims. The sad thing is that for one, it is easy to fall into the trap of supporting anyone who is killing Muslims, and secondly, by this, so many fall into the trap of supporting genocide. If you are going to support the Buddhists in Myanmar for their slaughter of the Rohingya Muslims, then you should also start hailing the Japanese imperial forces who slaughtered Muslims in their occupation of East Asia. For example, the Japanese slaughtered the Hui Muslims in China, and there is one horrific recording of this in which the Japanese slaughtered a Muslim landlord named Ha, and his wife, before raping and butchering the tenants:

These Japanese were Buddhist pagans, and they did such horrific atrocities. Are we going to praise the Japanese for this? Muslims have also been slaughtering Buddhists, and this too is evil. There must be balance in our approach. One of the greatest enemies of civilization is imbalance between charity and justice. We must have justice, yes, but we must also have charity. If we just have “charity,” then there will be no charity, because we would have the evil mercy that gives license to the wicked. If we have solely justice, then we will have no justice, because we would then shed innocent blood. Charity and justice, one cannot live without the other. (source)

Islam is evil, but it cannot be fought by allying with pagans.

Two wrongs do not make a right no matter what the situation is.


ISIS Takes Over Town With Christian Families In It, At Least Three Thousand People Have Died Just Last Month In Syria From The War

While the fighting is subsiding in Syria, is remains very serious with high casualties. Three thousand people died last month in the war that has been raging since 2011, and as of recent news ISIS just recaptured a town with a few surviving Christian families according to a recent report:

Over 3,000 people have been killed in Syria’s ongoing civil war in September, making it the deadliest month this year, a monitoring group has said. The Islamic State terror group has, meanwhile, recaptured a town where several Christian families are believed to be living.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday that 955 of the casualties were civilians, while 207 children under the age of 18 were killed.

IS has suffered a number of key defeats as of late, and initially lost Al-Qaryatain in April 2016 after it had held it for eight months.

Close to 30,000 people, including 900 Christians, reportedly lived in the town before the country’s civil war began in 2011, with Rahman stating that several Christian families are still believed to be living there.

IS has been carrying out a genocidal campaign against Christians both in Iraq and Syria, and back in August 2015, captured 270 Christians from Al-Qaryatain. The believers were apparently held in an underground dungeon for nearly a month in the Syrian desert, before being released.

Adama Dieng, the United Nations’ special adviser to the secretary-general on the Prevention of Genocide, finally admitted in September in a letter to the American Center for Law and Justice that IS was carrying out a genocide against believers.

“Over the last three years, I have had the opportunity to meet with victims of [ISIS]’s brutality, including during a visit to Iraq in November 2015. I was horrified by the accounts they gave, which echo those included in your letter,” Dieng stated in part, referring to previous ACLJ letters that documented the rapes, beheadings, kidnappings and torture Christians and other minorities have been subjected to.

Dieng further said that he agrees that extremists who have carried out war crimes and crimes against humanity must be prosecuted by independent courts.

Syrian Christians have been able to celebrate on a few occasions this year IS’ defeat and liberation of previously captured territories.

Syriac Orthodox Christians in the northeastern city of Hasakeh marked in August the inauguration of Archbishop Maurice Amseeh, their first bishop in four years.

“It’s true that many have left, but we’re still here, and what happened today is the proof that we’re still here in this country and that we will stay,” said 23-year-old student Jenny Hakop at the time.

Amseeh noted that he is looking forward to visiting the neighboring Deir Ezzor province after it is liberated as well.

“As soon as Deir Ezzor is freed from terrorism, I will make a blessed trip there to start rebuilding both buildings and people,” the bishop said. (source)


Muslims Falsely Accuse Christians Of Kidnapping Baby, The Family Is Arrested And Tortured For 40 Days By The Police And Then The Muslims Try To Steal Their Property

Muslims recently accused a Christian family of kidnapping a 17-day-old baby girl. According to reports, the Muslims filed it because the Christian family is poor and they want to steal their property. The Christian family’s three sons were arrested and are being tortured by police and have been torturing them for at least the past 40 days according to a report:

A Christian family is in deep trouble after being embroiled in a false case of abduction. The family is being tortured by the police; meanwhile the complainant is harassing them causing extreme nuisance for them. In this regard an FIR no 1023/17 was lodged in Nawa Kot police station, in Lahore.

Issac TV reporter Saleem Iqbal informed CIP that the victimized family claims false case was an attempt to expropriate their property. The complainant Muhammad Arshad has nominated six members of the victimized Christian family in a false abduction case. Muhammad Arshad occupies Christian family’s house as a tenant. Victimized family revealed that Muhammad Arshad has accused them of abducting a 17 days old baby girl.

Saleem Iqbals’ report, shows Akram Masih revealing that he and his family has no idea about the missing baby girl. It has been a month and a half that the police are tormenting Akram’s sons Amir Masih, Irfan Masih and one more. He said that his three sons were locked behind the bars even without being arrested.

It has been forty days that the three Christians have been detained. What is more, the police are also intimidating and abuse female members of the Christian family. The victims claim that Muhammad Arshad had fabricated a false case against them in order to avoid payment of rent due from past seven months.

The victimized Christians are urging the authorities to take notice of the incident and help them. They detailed that the police is subjecting the detained sons to excruciating torture, while Muhammad Arshad is demanding for the return of the baby girl. “We do not know about the baby how can we return her,” victim said in a video report. (source)