In a story out of the UK, a 5-year-old Christian girl put into foster care with Muslims against the wishes of her family. The Muslim family removed the girl’s cross and she begged to go back with her parents. The judge responded that the girl needed to be quiet and start learning Arabic:

A 5-year-old girl in the U.K., a native English speaker, was placed in the foster care of Muslim families, where women wear “niqabs” and “burqas” to cover their faces, according to a report. The girl was also encouraged to learn Arabic and her cross necklace was removed.

The unidentified girl has been under the care of two Muslim households for the past six months in London, against the wishes of the girl’s family, according to The Sunday Times, which adds that one of the foster carers removed her necklace that had a Christian cross and asked her to learn Arabic.

While talking to a supervisor, the girl reportedly cried and begged not to be sent back to the foster home because “they don’t speak English.”

The child’s mother was shocked by the decision of the borough of Tower Hamlets. The girl reportedly told her mother during a meeting that “Christmas and Easter are stupid” and that “European women are stupid and alcoholic.”

A spokesman for Tower Hamlets Council told the Telegraph that its fostering service “provides a loving and stable home for hundreds of children every year, and in every case, we give absolute consideration to our children’s background and to their cultural identity.

“All our foster carers receive training and support from the council to ensure they are fully qualified to meet the needs of the children in their care.”

It would not comment specifically on the 5-year-old girl’s case.

At the girl’s current home, her carer wears a burqa when she goes out with the child. (source)

We have warned for a long time that persecution will come to the West, and that it will not be different than the persecution of ancient times in terms of its severity. The difference will be in the efficiency and means by which it comes due to advances in technology, media, and other tools of achieving the same ends.

Now what has been lacking from all sides are details about this case. Who were the girl’s parents? Why was the girl placed into state care? Was it an actual issue that the state needed to intervene in or was it not? Will the girl remain in state care until she is an adult, or it is temporary, and if so, for how long? These and many, many more questions need to be answered because right now, there are not enough details to make a concise judgment on the situation.

However, what is clear is that precedents are being set. The first, which has been a long-standing problem that few wish to address, is that the government is declaring it has rights over parents, and that it elects which “deserve” to have rights and which do not. The second issue is that of the rise of Islam as a part of official policy.

While the British Isles has an ancient Christian history going back to the time of the Apostles, Christianity today in the UK is something that is scorned and even hated by many. Owing to five hundred years of heresy beginning with the English Revolution shortly after Luther’s Revolution, the nation as passed through a state of apostasy and has veritably returned to paganism. The UK is a shadow of it once was, and the government is bringing in millions of Muslims for the purpose of causing a social upheaval as we have explained repeatedly throughout our articles.

However, this plan may not work. Hitler’s Third Reich was supposed to last for 1000 years- it only lasted for 12 (1933-1945). Given that National Socialism is once again rising in society and is being promoted by governments using the “refugee crisis” as flashpoint, and given that Hitler- the man who popularized National Socialism- failed miserably, what is to think that the end result will be different?


…said every failure throughout history. However, the consequences of these failures are long reaching, and sometimes permanent.

Protestantism destroyed Christendom and sowed the seeds of ethnonationalism.

The First World War destroyed Europe completely and severely weakened Christianity there.

The Second World War destroyed Europe completely- again- and pushed the majority of the people who barely had any faith left into apostasy. Additionally, Europeans basically stopped reproducing- fertility rates dropped and have continued to plummet at the same time that Europe has been bringing in millions of Muslims to do their work in the same way that Americans have brought in millions of Hispanic peoples to do their work.

Christianity is non-existent in most of Europe, the Churches there are basically museums, and the people don’t have children. Islam is everywhere, mosques are opening up continually, and the Muslims are having children. Both Muslims and secular Europeans strongly detest Christianity, and Christians from many European nations- including former Muslims who have come to Europe and become Christians- are finding themselves under greater social pressure to deny Christ.

This story in the UK is not a fluke accident, nor it is just part of a long-term pattern. Nor is it about “migrants” or just “Muslims.” It is the manifestation of the formal rejection of Christianity of all types from British society beginning with the Protestant Revolution and now is culminating in its final stages, which is a return to paganism or, as we have repeatedly noted, the culmination of heresy by the rise of Islam.

This is just one case, but it is a look into the future of how Christians will be treated in society, including in America. Once upon a time Christians had to worship in secret in the catacombs of Italy for fear of persecution, and that ended thanks to Constantine. However, as the society leaves the Faith and formally completes it apostasy, so once again may Christians toady have to follow in the pattern of the Christians of the ancient world. After all, if Christianity has disappeared a little more after the First and Second World Wars, what will a Third World War bring…



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