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The Most Brutal Murders Of Christians Is About To Happen…

The Muslim government in Pakistan have now sentenced to death a Christian husband and wife who we have been desperately trying to rescue. Their names are Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kasuar, and they were arrested after they were groundlessly accused of blasphemy against Islam.

In the middle of the trial, before the sentence was made, the Muslims in the courtroom began to loudly and wildly shout verses from the Koran, and declared that if the judge did not prescribe the death penalty, that they would make sure that the two Christians would be killed anyway.

The cries of the persecuted are only heard by a few, while those in the supposed objective media have been resistant to even hear them. The Telegraph wrote a report on the death sentence of these two Christians, and they were utterly indifferent to the persecution taking place every day in Pakistan against the saints. (1)

On TuesdayRescue Christians will be filing a motion to reverse and overturn the conviction and acquit the accused, who have been given the death penalty based on no evidence.

As Rescue Christians has learned from its contact from Pakistan, two men, Muhmmad Hussain and Tehsil Bar Association President, Anwar Mansoor Goraya, claimed to have received blasphemous text messages in English from the number registered on Shagufta Kausar’s name.

But in a diligent investigation, the SIM card of the cell phone was observed and found to be not even registered under Shafqat and Shagufta. Moreover, both of these two Christians cannot even spell or write in the English language, and thus would have been completely unable to write the text messages.

Therefore, they were wrongly accused and the entire trial was conspired for the purpose of slaughtering more Christian victims. With such sinister ways of thinking can we not help but say with the prophet Isaiah:

The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace. (Isaiah 59:8)

The husband, Shafqat, is lame and crippled to the waist down, and not even his infirmities, which demand all the sympathies of those with humanity, have even provoked the Muslim people nor the judge to tears. These warriors for Christ are now in the wilderness of perdition, where Satan sits and merciless beasts roam about senselessly searching for blood, and where the aspirations of evil hearts loom from the veiling dark clouds of hell’s tempest.

After Asia Bibi, Shagufta is the second Christian women to be sentenced to death in Pakistan.

In this obsession with bringing violence upon the saints, we cannot help but be reminded of that most bloody time of man’s history, when “the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” (Genesis 6:5)

The archers of Lucifer have taken their aim on the most helpless of people, for “lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string, that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart.” (Psalm 11:2) The Pakistani government is amongst these very archers who advance their diabolical and false god.

The judges in Pakistan are controlled not by prudence, nor reason nor justice, but by the lawlessness of the mob, the the morose and savagely violent disposition of the masses, the sullen and volatile bloodlust of the herds of pagan Muslims, and the empty and heathen prayers of wizardly imams who each day vomit out the most sinister verses from the despicable book of Muhammad, demanding the wanton slaughter of Christians so to indulge the people to get drunk off the blood of the saints.

As Rescue Christians has learned from its Pakistani contact, the judge, Amir Habib, has given a death sentence to Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kasuar. Our contact from Pakistan has appealed to numerous reputable forums within the legal system of Pakistan, and no one has heard his cries for mercy.

In such a parlous and uncertain situation, where misery rules the thoughts of the wolves, and eternity the contemplations of the sheep, where moribund fates take hold of hated saints, of whom the world is not worthy, we are compelled by Heaven’s will to recite the words of St. Paul, when he described with dire and yet ascending words, on how the saints of old “had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented” (Hebrews 11:36-37)

The trials conspired by cruel men have not stopped, and the mocking courts of the heathen are just as alive as they were when St. Paul was beheaded and St. Peter was crucified in a manner worthy of his Lord. Shagufta and Shafqat have been given the death penalty alongside a pastor named Adnan, and another Christian named Asif Pervaiz. Rescue Christians’ contact from Pakistan has been screaming at the international community that more Christians are going to be killed under blasphemy law, and God willing his cries will not be in vain. As he tells us:

For the last five months we have been yelling in front of the international community that all the victims of blasphemy law will be awarded with the same punishment, especially now after Shagufta Kausar and Shafqat Emmanuel, pastor Adnan and Asif Pervaiz will be given the death sentence shortly.

Our Pakistani contact for Rescue Christians also gave us this very impactful warning:

If a bold step would not be taken from the Christian community soon then it would become impossible for them to live in Pakistan.

The truth of these words have been revealing themselves ever so clearer under the heartfelt and dimming sunlight of destiny, which has been struck and attacked ceaselessly by the dark and turbid clouds of Satan and his archers, and though their arrows are aimed for the sheep, the brightness of holiness blinds their eyes, and their attack is made useless.

Let the holiness of Christians dissipate the darkness of the devil. I ask you to please support Rescue Christians, and make a donation to help us liberate this poor Christian husband and wife.

(1)Faizan Fiaz, Islamabad Christians in Pakistan sentenced to death over a text, published in the Telegraph, 10:59PM BST 07 Apr 2014

Help Us Rescue Shagufta and Shafaqat in Pakistan!

Help Us Rescue Shagufta and Shafaqat in Pakistan!

More from our contact in Pakistan…

On 21st July 2013, A crippled Christian man, Shafaqat Emmanuel, and his wife Shagufta Kausar were arrested in Gojra District for allegedly sending Blasphemous text messages to the Local Muslims. Police registered the FIR 407/13 under section 295-B and 295-C. Complainants Muhmmad Hussain and Tehsil Bar Association President, Anwar Mansoor Goraya alleged they received the blasphemous Text messages from the number registered on Shagufta Kausar’s name.


Shafaqat 2



The Station House officer (SHO) of Gojra City Police Station, Mr. Muhammad Nasir said:

“The police had verified that the SIM used to send the blasphemous text messages was registered in Shagufta’s name whereas her husband admitted to use her phone to send the messages to Hussain”

However, Shagufta told the police that they had lost the cell phone a month earlier. She denied the charges but police started 3rd degree torture on Shafaqat Masih who is Crippled and physically challenged. They tortured him in front of his wife and four Children. Police forced him to confess to the charges or name others. Otherwise, they would start torturing his wife Shagufta. Then Shafaqat admitted that he had sent the messages, whereas when our lawyers visited Shafaqat Emmanuel, he denied the charges and stated:

“There is no man who can stand to see his wife being tortured by police so to save my wife, I confessed.”

He further told the our legal team that:

“When we lost phone and the SIM, I visited the nearby Mobile Shop many times to block our mobile SIM.”

According to our investigation, police confirmed Shafaqat’s statement with the mobile shop, which they affirmed. The shop owner says that he came twice to block his SIM-CARD.

Even after knowing the facts, that the couple had lost their cell phone and SIM card, police still registered an FIR against the crippled man and his uneducated wife.

Shagufta was working in “St. John Cathedral School” as a maid. She was the only working hand in the family, as Shafaqat Emmanuel was in wheelchair due to the fire arm injury which paralyzed his lower body. The Couple has four Children – Zain (12) Danish (10) Joshua (8) and Sara (6).

Banner in Gojra: “The Only punishment for the blasphemer; Cut his head from the body. Life in prison is not acceptable… not acceptable… not acceptable.”

Banner in Gojra: “The Only punishment for the blasphemer; Cut his head from the body. Life in prison is not acceptable… not acceptable… not acceptable.”


Local Cleric Pressure

According to the Police authority, Muslim clerics, local lawyers and a Bar official were so furious that they remained in the police station until the FIR was written. Gojra is a religiously volatile city where a week ago a young Christian man was sentenced to life in prison on the same charges. On July 13th, Sajjad Masih was sent to jail for life for the same sort of text messages case. The city police of Gojra – in association with some fundamental Muslims – beat the Christian boy, Sajjad Masih. The case was sent to the court of Mian Shahzad Raza, Additional Session Judge Gojra, for trial of the case. However Muslims failed to prove the charges against Sajjad Masih but even than the Additional Session Judge Shahzad Raza sentenced him to life in prison.

Earlier in 2009, due to a similar cause, radical Muslims set the Christian colony ablaze and 8 family members were burned alive. The fire was started from the Korian Village, District Toba Tek Singh and hundreds of houses were turned to ashes there. Many families left their houses and shifted to other areas of the country; some fled from Pakistan.

The area is known as a house of the banned militant organization, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. It was reported earlier that local government is backing up this organization and this case of Shafaqat Masih and his wife Shagufta Bibi is the continuation of Gojra Tragedy.

We have not been able to understand the situation with the Pakistani courts; the text message / SMS is taken as sole evidence against the accused of the Blasphemy case whereas the DNA test report, which is an authentic proof against rape, is not acceptable according to the Islamic Sharia Law.


Banner in Gojra City: “Immediately Hang the Blasphemer and revoke the lifetime imprisonment. Oh ruler, act sanely.”

Banner in Gojra City: “Immediately Hang the Blasphemer and revoke the lifetime imprisonment. Oh ruler, act sanely.”

Role of Christian NGOs and Churches

Christian NGOs and Churches played the usual role during the past week. It has been observed that some of the NGO workers have been struggling to get this case for their vested interests. We hope everyone remembers what happened when the recent incident of Joseph Colony occurred in Lahore. Every man working on persecution was fighting for Sawan Masih. It has even been said that one well known activist has paid huge money to get pictures with Sawan Masih and his family. This has become a practice of many Christian NGOs to fight for such cases instead of working together to help these persecuted Christians.

Since 21st July, 2013 our team has been working on the ground with the family. We have observed that instead of doing something, the Church is again silent. Protestant, and Evangelical Bishops receive billions of dollars from their sister churches and Christian Organizations but they spend those funds for their self promotions and luxurious lifestyles. Pakistani Bishops have luxury homes in the U.K., France, the U.S., and Denmark whereas the communities for whom these donations are received are living in the slum areas. Even Non-profit Organizations – NGOs funded for charitable programs – spend millions of Rupees for their personal promotions and for luxuries rather than doing something for the victims.

We felt the need to write something about the role of the cruelties of one greedy, religious leader in particular but for some reason, our team working on the ground stopped us from doing so at this stage. We will soon uncover the story behind the closed doors and how our leaders play with such persecuted Victims.

Our team is defending the persecuted couple and has already given shelter to the four children and their Grandfather Emmanuel Masih. We hope that soon we will be able to get justice for this persecuted Couple.

We request you again to please keep the couple and their children in your prayers.

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Rescue Christians Saves nearly 2000 people in 2017

Rescue Christians Saves nearly 2000 people in 2017

To our Readers and financial supporters we would like to firstly thank you for your loyal support for the work we do to help save our brethren from persecution and slavery.

This year we saved nearly 2000 people, each month without fail we have released between one and two hundred slaves. Our leader of the slave program who organizes the videos has been sick so we have not been able to publish the videos of all these “victories” for several months but as soon as he is in better health we will publish the videos which proves a the work we have done in 2017. If you have never seen our work regarding the slaves from the brick kilns please watch our documentary here:

We also have done much work in Pakistan and some in Nigeria with individual cases in other countries. We are working on two major cases now concerning the blasphemy laws in Pakistan but cannot talk about these cases which are fluid as I write this message, but will publish the details once they brought to safety.

A case we have been working on for three year where we moved a Yemenite convert (to Christianity) to Sri Lanka and registered him as a refugee has been waiting to come to the USA since we rescued him in April 2014 from Yemen. His case has been verified and approved but the US government for nearly a year has delayed his travel to the USA and sadly the Trump administration because of the new immigration standards has delayed his ability to restart his life here in the USA even though his case has been thoroughly vetted. A few days before Christmas he was brutally attacked in Sri Lanka by thieves who knocked him unconscious and robbed him of his possessions. We are now helping him recover from this ordeal and we are now seeking that his case receive preferential treatment from the State Department.

We started work in Nigeria this year and completed two rescues of Christians who had been brutalized by Muslims in the North of the country. Our rescue leader on the ground had her house burnt to the ground a few weeks ago and we have sent resources so she can get new accommodation so she can continue her work to save Christians from the Muslims especially in the North of Nigeria where the danger is the greatest.

We are the only organization that specializes in freeing or helping Christians escape danger from persecution. Our people who work on the ground risk their lives each day so that they can save their brethren. Since we started our work in 2009 we have saved around 15,000 people and not one of these people could have been saved without the donations you have provided to be able to do this work. We also request your prayers for all our teams so they maybe safe in thier dangerous work.

Persecution and slavery is at record levels and growing. We greatly appreciate your support and hope you can continue to support our work. If you can help us and take advantage of the tax deduction in 2017 tax year please click here to donate

We wish you all a very blessed, happy, and prosperous new year.

Thank You

Keith Davies
Executive Director Rescue Christians

Muslims Kidnap 16-Year-Old Egyptian Christian Teen, Slit His Throat And Leave Him To Die In A Pool Of His Own Blood

Muslims Kidnap 16-Year-Old Egyptian Christian Teen, Slit His Throat And Leave Him To Die In A Pool Of His Own Blood

In a report coming out of Egypt, Islamic terrorists kidnapped a 16-year-old Christian teen on Holy Thursday, slit his throat, and left him to die in a pool of his own blood:

An Egyptian Christian boy found murdered on Maundy Thursday was killed by Islamic extremists hoping to intimidate Christians, say his family.

According to World Watch Monitor, Allam Bashay Gabriel found his 16-year-old son, Gamal, with his throat slit and lying in a pool of blood, in Qai village, Upper Egypt.

The murder took place four days after two churches were bombed and on the same day that three Christian homes were burned.

Gamal Gabriel, 16, was murdered in a suspected Islamist attack.

Gabriel told World Watch Monitor he suspected his son was killed by members of the Islamic State group.

‘The way he was killed is the way of Daesh [IS], as they are the only ones who slaughter people like that,’ he said. ‘They slaughtered my son because of his faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a war on Christians, and all honest people should stand up to those who are waging this war.’

Gabriel’s cousin Samy said: ‘They targeted Gamal and killed him because he is a Christian and it was a message from them before Easter, to intimidate us.’

Gabriel told World Watch Monitor his son had gone to a nearby village to meet with a tutor, but did not return home.

‘I tried to call him many times but his mobile phone was off,’ he said. ‘I was very worried about him. I called my relatives to check with them if any one of them had seen him, as well as his friends, but none of them knew where he was.’

They decided to search for the boy. He said: ‘In Qai, we saw two masked men riding a motorcycle and we asked them if they had seen Gamal. When we described him, the men told us to look for him near the Agricultural Society building, and then they sped off and disappeared. At the time we didn’t think more of it as our focus was on finding Gamal. Also, since the men were masked and it was dark already, we could not identify them.’
When they arrived at the Agricultural Society, they found Gamal lying on the ground in a pool of blood. He had blood gushing from the top of his head and his throat had been cut.

A pupil in the nearby village of Al-Nuweira, Gamal was ‘loved by all his friends and teachers at school’, his father said. ‘He was a very peaceful and polite person.’

He was buried the following day, Good Friday, at the family’s cemetery, amid tight security, as many Coptic Christians attended his funeral. (source)

Millions of Muslims All Throughout Egypt Are In Shock As Coptic Christians Publicly Forgive Their Muslim Tormentors

Millions of Muslims All Throughout Egypt Are In Shock As Coptic Christians Publicly Forgive Their Muslim Tormentors

Tertullian once wrote that the “blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” This can be hard to believe today in a place like Egypt, where countless Christians have been and are being mercilessly slaughtered by Islamic terrorists.

In spite of all of the slaughter, the Coptic Christians have come out and been publicly forgiving their Muslim tormentors. This has sent shock waves throughout millions of Muslims in Egypt, who are amazed that the Christians still forgive in spite of all that has happened to them, leading one major Egyptian Muslims talk show host to say that the Copts are “made of steel”:

Twelve seconds of silence is an awkward eternity on television. Amr Adeeb, perhaps the most prominent talk show host in Egypt, leaned forward as he searched for a response.

“The Copts of Egypt … are made of … steel!” he finally uttered.

Moments earlier, Adeeb was watching a colleague in a simple home in Alexandria speak with the widow of Naseem Faheem, the guard at St. Mark’s Cathedral in the seaside Mediterranean city.

On Palm Sunday, the guard had redirected a suicide bomber through the perimeter metal detector, where the terrorist detonated. Likely the first to die in the blast, Faheem saved the lives of dozens inside the church.

“I’m not angry at the one who did this,” said his wife, children by her side. “I’m telling him, ‘May God forgive you, and we also forgive you. Believe me, we forgive you.’

“‘You put my husband in a place I couldn’t have dreamed of.’”

Stunned, Adeeb stammered about Copts bearing atrocities over hundreds of years, but couldn’t escape the central scandal.

“How great is this forgiveness you have!” his voice cracked. “If it were my father, I could never say this. But this is their faith and religious conviction.”

Millions marveled with him across the airwaves of Egypt.

So also did millions of Copts, recently rediscovering their ancient heritage, according to Ramez Atallah, president of the Bible Society of Egypt which subtitled and recirculated the satellite TV clip.

“In the history and culture of the Copts, there is much taught about martyrdom,” he told CT. “But until Libya, it was only in the textbooks—though deeply ingrained.”

The Islamic State in Libya kidnapped and beheaded 21 mostly Coptic Christians in February 2015. CT previously reported the message of forgiveness issued by their families and the witness it provided.

“Since then, there has been a paradigm shift,” said Atallah. “Our ancestors lived and believed this message, but we never had to.”

Copts date their liturgical calendar from 284 AD, the beginning of the Roman persecution under Diocletian. Troubles with pagan and Muslim rulers have ebbed and flowed over time, but in his Easter message Pope Tawadros lauded the Coptic Orthodox as a “church of the martyrs.”

This history returned with a vengeance in 2010, when the Two Saints Church in Alexandria was bombed on New Year’s Eve. Copts poured out into the streets in anger, presaging the Arab Spring. In the months that followed, Muslims rallied around them and defended their churches.

Nearly seven years later, the nation has grown weary. The Palm Sunday twin suicide bombings killed more than 45 people and are the second ISIS attack on Christian sanctuaries in five months. Twenty-nine people were killed in a suicide bombing at the papal cathedral in Cairo in December. This week, ISIS attacked the famous St. Catherine’s monastery on the southern Sinai peninsula. (source)

This is why as God is love, mercy is perfectly balanced with justice. Never forget that while Islam must be combated with the force of arms, the battle is ultimately for the souls of men and that there are many good, honest Muslim people who seek truth and that likewise Christ wants to disciple into His kingdom even though they do not know Him yet. While it is sad that many Christians have suffered and died at the hands of Muslims, their deaths were not in vain, for not only if they died in Christ they shall surely live again, but their deaths will be used by God to lead to the salvation of others, including the people who tormented them. Just ask St. Paul.

The Conversion of St. Paul On the Way To Damascus by Caravaggio. Remember that St. Paul was in his time like the Muslim murderers of our own days, hunting down Christians and slaughtering them. Surely he conversion was affected by the shedding of the blood of the martyrs, and he went on to become a great saint. He is a lesson for all, reminding that while evils such as Islam must be combated militarily, never to forsake or abandon mercy, for God desires that even the most evil be saved if they so want to.