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Obama is surrounded with horns, flies, and now skulls- a sign of his evil presidency

Obama gets creepier with each day. The day before yesterday during Obama’s insincere address to the nation about the Muslim terrorist attacks in California and call for gun restrictions, there is a clear and ominous outline of a skull that can be seen looking over Obama’s right shoulder through the window pane. From Youtube: Here is […]

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European Truckers use PORK to Deter Muslim Highway Robbers

Calais, France is one of the most dangerous areas in Europe right now. It is on the northern point of France across from the English Channel near Belgium. This is home to both the underground tunnel crossing point to England for truckers and travelers as well as one of the largest MUSLIM refugee camps in […]

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Muslim Terrorists’ Dhimmi Sycophant Attorney Lectures Christians to Stop Being Intolerant of Islam

In a shameless and sickening justification of mass murder, attorneys for dead Muslim terrorists Syed Farook and Tashfin Malik Attorney Mohammad Abuershaid and Dhimmi sycophant Attorney David Chesley of the law offices of David S. Chesley lectured Christians that they need to be tolerant of Islam. They even had the nerve to lecture Christians about […]

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Day after Muslim terrorist attacks in California, US Attorney General says jail Americans who don’t stand with Islam

Speaking barely a day after the horrific terrorist attack in California, Obama-appointed Attorney General Loretta Lynch said at the annual Muslim Advocates annual Dinner that critics of Islam “will be prosecuted” if speech about Islam “edges” towards violence: Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Thursday warned that the Justice Department could take aggressive action against people […]

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Heretical Bishop of Rome bows to Mecca but won’t kneel before GOD HIMSELF

In a shocking and never before seen or documented display of impiety by a Pope, Pope Francis took off his shoes and bowed towards Mecca before going into a mosque in the Central African Republic but when he went to say mass, as the Catholic journalist Antonio Socci pointed out, he refused to genuflect before […]

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