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Fat, Ugly, Loser Michael Moore Gets Puerto Rican Beauty Suspended From Miss America Organization for Telling Truth About Islam

Destiny Velez, suspended for telling the truth Miss Puerto Rico 2015 Destiny Velez was suspended indefinitely from the Miss American Organization for telling the truth about Islam. She gave an apology and she closed access to her Twitter account. The following are the tweets she posted in order on December 17th, courtesy of Twitchy: (Note: […]

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Sweden Bans Use of Word “Immigrant” On TV When Talking About Muslim Immigration, Says Must Use “Economically Deprived Area” Instead

It looks like something out of a comedy sketch, or maybe a headline from The Onion, but It’s no joke. Sweden’s top broadcaster says that “Immigrant” and “African origin” cannot be used in a negative context, but “white” and “fair skinned” may be used in a negative context. Sweden’s new “refugees” Via Swedish SVT’s New Language Manual (translation […]

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Germans Lock And Load, Prepare To Blow Muslims Back To Allah

With neighbors like these, who wouldn’t go without a gun? The German government still thinks it is in control, but the German people are finally getting the message- you are targeted for extinction, and the future is fight or die. Gun sales are reaching record levels as the common people are taking their safety and […]

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Germany Pulls A Fuhrer, Threatens Slavic Nations To Take Muslim “Refugees” It Doesn’t Want

Deja-vu once again. Although Germany played a central role in facilitating and encouraging the largest invasion of Muslims in European history, has herself admitted that it cannot take any more refugees, and has admitted that there are a lot of “challenges” (read: unsolvable problems) ahead, apparently that gives her the right to dictate foreign policy […]

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American Muslims Threaten Terrorism Over Donald Trump Live On CBS

Watch this video carefully and note the responses of the Muslims in this “focus group” that CBS assembled to talk about the Republican debates. Notice the Muslim around 2:00 who makes the comments highlighted below. Look into his eyes and watch his reaction: Luntz: “What percent of the Muslim community could potentially be a physical threat […]

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Russia, Poland, Hungary, Now Tiny Slovenia Says YES To God and NO to Gay “Marriage”

Another battle line is drawn on European soil. Tiny Slovenia, a country located just south of Hungary and on the northeastern point of Italy has rejected same-sex marriage and adoption of children by same sex couples. She joins Russian, Poland, and Hungary, who all have said NO to same-sex “marriage.” Via EuroNews English:   But […]

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Britain Smells The Tea, Wakes Up and Starts Rejecting Pakistan VISA Applications By The Truckload

Englishmen are stereotypically and sarcastically known by many Americans for having a “stiff upper lip” and  being defiant, even proud when they are presented with their own mistakes. They may even persist in their errors for a very long time, but eventually many will come around, realize their errors, and try to start to correct themselves […]

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Calais Explodes Into War Zone As Muslim “Refugee” Hordes Overwhelm Police, Cross Channel Tunnel To England

This must have been what it looked like when the Goths and Vandals invaded the Roman Empire during its final days. The names, places, and languages are different, but you know what they say- “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The invading Muhammadan hordes. The police and government could stop this […]

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Court Says Private Catholic School Must Disobey The Faith Employ Man In Open Same-Sex Relationship OR ELSE

Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2014. It’s only a matter of a few years time that if you refuse to accept this, you will go to jail. For the first time anywhere in the country, a Superior Court has ruled that a Catholic school must employ a man living in an openly same-sex relationship. The school, […]

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A leading Sunni tribal chief, sheik Ali Hatem al-Suleiman, speaks during an interview with the Associated Press, in Erbil, northern Iraq, Thursday, June 19, 2014. Al-Suleiman said  Washington’s decision to send 300 military advisors to assist the Iraqi government in quelling an insurgency sweeping the country would only make it worse.

Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact: Proof the CIA Helped Create ISIS

Shaykh Al-Sulayman, who worked with the CIA to create ISIS Truth is stranger than fiction, and at last an open source link has been established that the CIA had a direct invovlement in the creation of ISIS. Via Zero Hedge: Thanks to the resurrection of “J Pierpont Morgan”, these doubts and questions are no longer […]

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Italian Town Tells Muslims: Respect Our Faith and Culture Or Get Lost

It is small, but it is a start. Keep the little Italian town of Pontoglio in Brescia in your prayers. Via the UK Daily Mail: The sign reads: “Pontoglio, town of western culture and deep Christian tradition. ‘People unwilling to respect local culture and tradition are invited to leave” An Italian village council has caused outrage after […]

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IT’S OFFICIAL- Zuckerberg Goes Full STASI Against Facebook Users That Criticise Islam

STASTI Seal Last week I wrote that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was caving to pro-Muslim pressure. This comes after a series of revelations in which German Chancellor Angela Merkel directly asked Mr. Zuckerberg to delete “offensive” posts against Islam and Muslims, as well as a “friend request” by Turkish President Erdogan praising certain statements Mr. Zuckerberg […]

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George Soros, founder of Soros Fund Management LLC, takes part in a panel discussion at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank annual fall meeting in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011. The IMF said it is ready to "strongly support" European nations in their efforts to resolve the region's sovereign debt crisis. Photographer: Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** George Soros

International War Criminal, Terrorist, and Genocide Architect George Soros Angry At Poland For Threatening His Power

George Soros Scottish Philosopher  Thomas Carlyle called the Media the “Fourth Estate” of society. This refers to the traditional Medieval division of society- there was originally the estates of the king/nobles/government (“first estate”), Catholic Church (“second estate”), and common people (“third estate”). The logic behind this division was that the “second estate” served as a buffer […]

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French Court Rules that French People are Not Native to France (But Muslims Could Be)

In another episode of suicidal thinking, a French Criminal Court has ruled that there is no such a concept as a “Native” Frenchman and therefore their culture, heritage, and history are exempt from protection under the law. Muslim Sociologist Said Bouamama. Note the style of scarf draped around his neck (snapshot from his French-language video, Advice […]

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Good Christian Girls With Guns- Photos Of The Women On Crusade Against ISIS reported earlier this week that Christian women in Syria and the surrounding areas have formed their own all women-military unit and taken up arms against ISIS, following in the footsteps of their brothers who have been successfully repelling and reconquering ISIS-controlled territory in their homeland. Here are the women who are following in the […]

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