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Muslim “Refugees” Lure 3-year-old Boy Away From His Mother, Pull His Pants Down And Take Turns Raping Him

It’s not just native Europeans who these “refugees” are attacking and raping- it includes their own children. Think: If Muslim men will gang rape their own Muslim boys, what will they do to non-Muslims? From the UK Daily Mail: A three-year-old refugee has allegedly been raped at an asylum centre in Norway’s Stavanger, the country’s […]

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Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary: “Welcome Refugees” To DEARBORN And “Maintain Security”

Dearborn, MI has been called “Dearbornistan” due to its large Muslim population. Along with the nearby Detroit neighborhood of Hamtramck, both cities are veritably tied for having the largest Muslim population in the US. Naturally, it should be no surprise that although Dearborn has a population of merely 96,000, it ranks #2 for having the […]

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“We Can’t Arrest Them”: German Officer Says Police Are Told Arresting Refugees Is Racist

An anonymous German Police Officer reports that German Police are barred from arresting refugees because its “racist.” From Russia Today: A German police officer told media that law enforcement cannot efficiently tackle crime among refugees without being accused of excessive violence or racism, while many dangerous incidents are played down or kept secret to maintain […]

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French Government Builds Houses For Muslim Invaders In Calais At Taxpayer Expense

Even the Goths and Vandals didn’t have it this easy. Drama continues to unfold at the infamous Muslim camps in Calais, France. Know as “the Jungle,” Calais has become one of the most dangerous areas in Europe thanks to the aiding and abetting of the French government. Ironically, the French government has been concerned about […]

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burned body whole

Bengali Christian Man Stabbed And Burned So Bad His Corpse Is Barely Recognizable

  Women protesting the murder of Louis Soren While it is possible that a Hindu may have been behind this attack given the Hindu hatred of Christianity, the area is heavily Muslim and it is likely a Muslim was behind this attack. From UCA News: Church officials and tribal activists have called on the authorities to […]

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“It Looked Like A Civil War”- German Eye Witness Recalls What Happened On The Ground New Years Eve In Cologne

An anonymous German gives his account of what he saw on the ground working in Cologne just outside the Cathedral on New Year’s Eve: Well, it really seems I kicked something off now with the happenings here in Cologne. On New Yars Eve I worked for a 5-Star Hotel directly opposite the Cologne Cathedral (Dome). […]

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Canadian PM Trudeau PRAYS At Mosque With Muslims, Gives Speech Praising Islam FULL VIDEO

Justin Trudeau A recently released video from the Pakistan Canada Association has confirmed that the current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, visited a mosque on July 24th, 2013 where he dressed in Islamic garb, prayed alongside fellow Muslims following Islamic prayer rituals, and then stood before the congregation and gave a speech in praise of […]

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“The Muslim Faith Is Irrelevant To The Cologne Attacks;” Central Council of Muslims in Germany Blames “Drunk” Germans For Rapes

Ayman Mazyek In a special interview with Deutsche Welle, Central Council of Muslims in Germany Chairman Ayman Mazyek blamed the mass rapes of German women on “drunken,” “right-wing” Germans. This in spite of the incontrovertible, abundant proof that it was a calculated, purposeful attack by mobs of Muslim rapists. It is sometimes difficult to wonder […]

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US President Barack Obama, speaking of receiving injections, frowns while addressing the American Nurses Association House of Delegates June 16, 2010 at a hotel in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

“When Politicians Insult Muslims…It’s Just Wrong” Obama Praises Islam At State Of The Union Address

So is offending Christians (who make up the majority of Americans) wrong as well, or are Christians just bitter people who cling to their guns and religion? When politicians insult Muslims, whether abroad or our fellow citizens, when a mosque is vandalized, or a kid is called names, it doesn’t make us safer. That’s not telling […]

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Muslims March On Italian Cathedral Chanting “Allahu Akbar!

The Gateway Pundit reported that Muslims staged a demonstration in Bolzano, Italy. While they were passing by the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, they began shouting “Allahu Akbar!”:   “Allahu Akbar” does not mean “Allah is great,” as Muslims say. Anybody with a basic knowledge of Arabic grammar will tell you it means “Allah […]

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Muslim Woman In Hijab Is Raped And Beheaded By Fellow Muslims- This Is What Awaits Europe And America

Consider that if Muslims treat their own women this way, such as with the acid attacks against Muslim men on other Muslim women in Pakistan, what will they do to non-Muslim women?:     To think liberals in the West claim we are all the same. Our culture is far superior to the Muslim culture […]

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Man Takes Teenage Son, Chops His Head Off In Ritual Human Sacrifice To Bring Good Luck

While this story is from India, it is  a reminder that without Christ’s sacrifice and our willingly taking up His cross and striving to become like Him, all men will descend into depraved barbarity because of original sin. It is also a reminder that all religions and rituals which do not honor the one, true, triune […]

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Muslim Convert Goes To Islamic State To Fight For Islam, Sets Up LinkedIn Profile Advertising His Qualifications

Muhammad Daniel, LinkedIn job seeker Truth is stranger than fiction, and in a unique story from the UK Daily Mail, Muslim convert and ISIS fighter Muhammad Daniel from New Zealand put up a LinkedIn Profiles advertising his Qualification as a “teacher” in the Islamic state: A New Zealand man who joined Islamic State in Syria […]

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