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Anjem Choudary’s Pupil Becomes New Head Of ISIS

Anjem Choudary must be proud because like a good teacher, he made sure that his former students go out and make a difference. Former pupil and convert to Islam from Hinduism Siddhartha Dhar, whose Muslim name is Abu Rumaysah, began working with Choudary through his Shariah Project and Shariah 4 UK group, and conducted demonstrations such […]

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Britons Take Matters Into Their Own Hands And Are Rising Up Against Islam- Form A New Chapter Of PEGIDA

PEGIDA UK Emblem Thanks to the wonderful successes that PEGIDA, the largest anti-Muslim invasion protest group in Germany, they have spawned a second branch in the UK, which has likewise seen an invasion of Muslims, especially at its French tunnel crossing point at Calais. Tommy Robinson, PEGIDA Leader and former English Defence League Head I […]

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1000+ Muslim Men In Germany Charged With Rape, Terrorism, And Stealing A Train To Celebrate The New Year- German Police Hunting Them

This is what happens when you let thousands upon thousands of people who follow a religion that hates you and teaches that you are nothing more than chattel into your country. Doing something like this is not “kind,” “diverse,” or “inclusive.” It is stupid and suicidal. If you think this New Year’s Eve was bad, […]

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Khadijah Dare's young son poses with an AK-47rifle.  This is a story that begins in the streets of Lewisham and ends in the heat of the Syrian desert, on the front line of the holy war for an Islamic caliphate. Among the British Muslims living in Syria and Iraq alongside terrorist super-group Isis, one figure has attracted particular attention recently Ñ a mysterious woman using the Twitter name Muhajirah fi Sham (meaning Òimmigrant in SyriaÓ), posting pictures of her young son holding a AK-47. She has described witnessing the execution of a young ÒrapistÓ in the Syrian town where she lives with her fighter husband and has called on Londoners to join her.

This Is What Your Children, Grandchildren, And Great-Grandchildren Will Look Like If The West Loses

Grace Dare’s mother and father were devout Christians from Nigeria. They moved to the UK looking for a better life for themselves and their only daughter. Her parent said that she was a devout Christian as well for many years. Then she became interested in Islam in college and converted. She began attending mosque, changed […]

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ISIS BUYING Children Across The World, Training Them To Be Suicide Bombers, Paying Up To $50,000 For Each

In another new low reached by the Islamic State, it has come out that ISIS has been recruiting and even purchasing children for soldiers and suicide bombers for approximately $50,000 USD. As the UK Express reports: The claims come from an unnamed source at a south London mosque, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear […]

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You Know Things Are Bad When Even Your Own Newspaper Says You Are A Dying Society

The Fall of Rome Author Arnold Toynbee wrote that “Great nations die by suicide, not murder.” I was reminded of the quote in a recently published article from the UK Telegraph which summarized the year 2015 as a watershed year defining those to come entitled Our spoiled, emasculated, de-spiritualized societies in the West are in […]

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Allah Hates People Who Drive While Using A Cell Phone

In many places, if the police catch you using a cell phone when driving you get a ticket. I fear to ask what the Shariah punishment for this offense would be. I guess the question for the fuqaha’ (persons who specialize in Islamic jurisprudence) is, would Muhammad have used a cell phone when riding a camel? […]

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Pope Francis Prophetic Year Of Mercy- Prepare Wisely in 2016 Because 2017 Is When Divine Wrath Will Be Poured Out On The Earth

Damocles’ Sword In the 4th century BC, the island of Sicily was ruled by the tyrant Dionysius II. According to legend, a courtier named Damocles was lavishing praise upon Dionysius when the tyrant made a startling proposal to Damocles. He said that he would allow Damocles to serve as ruler in his place and allow […]

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Muslim Convert BUSTED For Planned Machete Attack This New Years Eve

Will something happen this New Years? Hopefully planned attacks like will be thwarted, but all it takes is one. On an interesting note the man who planned this attack, Emanuel Lutchman, has a Youtube account you can view here. Via NBC News: Federal officials in Rochester, New York, have arrested and charged a local man […]

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CAIR Humiliated After They Get 200 Muslims Fired For Telling Them To Strike

Cargill Foods Plant There are still people who stand up to the often unreasonable demands of Muslims and their terrorist supporters, such as the infamous Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Double kudos to the fact that this was a company who made this decision, since corporations today are under a lot of pressure to cave […]

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Traitors- Amazon Uses Fees From Pro-European PEGIDA Song Downloads To Support European Genocide

PEGIDA has been at the forefront of protesting against the unwilling Islamization by her so-called “leaders,” most notably in Germany. PEGIDA recently produced a song in support of its cause, entitled Together We Are Strong (Gemeinsam sind wir stark!), which has outsold Adele in Germany and can be purchased on Amazon’s German site, Unfortunately and […]

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ISIS Plans To Slaughter Thousands Of People In Public Places Worldwide In 2016 For the “Final Battle” Against the West

Happy New Year 2016 from ISIS. Via the UK Express: ISIS is planning to massacre thousands of civilians in public places around the world in 2016 as it desperately seeks to draw the west into a titanic “final battle”. The sick terror group will activate hundreds of sleeper cells in “dozens of countries” in an unprecedented […]

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Remember That Xmas Mosque Fire Last Week? I Told You So.

Gary Moore Last week I wrote an article about a fire at a Houston Mosque in which I suspected that the fire was started by other Muslims. In addition, I also said that since the mosque was so quick to say there was no need for a formal investigation and that it was an accident, […]

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ACLU Michigan Director Gives Support To Terrorism, Will Not Apologize, Says Problem Is “White Men”

In Islam, there are two ways that a Muslim may express his consent to an action or deed. The first is by declaring it. The second is by non-declaration. This goes back to, most interestingly, one of the most infamous events in early Islamic history- when Mohammed said he was permitted to marry (i.e. molest) Aisha, […]

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There Is No Such Thing As A Radical Muslim Or Christian- There Are The Orthodox And The Heretics

One of my favorite Catholic websites is Eye of the Tiber. Essentially, it does with Catholic and Church-related events what The Onion does with mainstream news. Their most recent contribution, however, is as funny as it is absolutely true. Via EOTT: Radicalized Catholic Becomes Priest San Diego County Sheriff’s Department officials arrested a “middle-aged Caucasian man” after […]

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Christian Pastor Asks Muslims To Stop Moving Land Markers For Church, Muslims Pulls Out Sword And Hack Him To Death, Throw Body In River

Ugandan Christians protesting Muslim violence against them (source) In the United States, we have been very blessed to be able to agree to disagree civilly for as long a time as we have, especially in matters of religion. That will change in the future as Islam gains more public prominence. This incident reminds me of […]

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