Archive | December 14, 2018

Setback For Hindu Terrorists As Nationalists Lose Big Time In Elections In India

The rise of Hindu nationalism poses a grave threat to India’s Christians, which make up 2% of the population but are routinely persecuted as a part of regular life in India. Christian leaders and former Hindu nationalists are gravely concerned and speak of this as part of an organized plan by Hindu terrorists to create […]

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Christian Pastor Arrested In India For Trying To Show A Film About Jesus

A Christian pastor in India was arrested under India’s “anti-conversion” laws after he tried to show a film about Jesus according to a report: Last Saturday, December 9, Pastor Sojan was arrested and detained by police in Bakhtiyarpur village, located in the Patna district of India’s Bihar state. According to reports, the pastor was arrested […]

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French Government Threatens Town With A Fine Of 2000 Euros A Day If It Does Not Remove Nativity Set

The French government is a threatening a town with a fine of 2000 euros a day if it does not remove a Nativity set. According to one report from Valeurs: 2,000 euros per day late. This is the risk of the town of Béziers if it does not “withdraw within 48 hours the Nativity set  installed […]

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