Archive | December 6, 2018

One Hundred And Fifty Hindu Terrorists Attack Christians At Church, The Violence Is So Bad The Churches May Cancel Christmas

In the film “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, Santa Claus announces that he may have to cancel Christmas because of a serious winter storm. However, Christians in parts of India are being forced to serious consider cancelling Christmas celebrations after a violent attack on a small Church in India by 150 Hindu terrorists according to a […]

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Pakistani Government Stands Up For Persecuted Christians, Charges Asia Bibi Protestors With Terrorism And Subversion

While Pakistan is a state with a known history of Christian persecution, there is continual evidence that, on some level, the government is making efforts to attempt to deal with the issue. In one such notable example, the Pakistani government has been arresting those who have been protesting the release of Catholic Asia Bibi and […]

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