Archive | November 16, 2018

Canadian Hospital Demands Women Who Just Gave Birth To Be Sterilized Before Getting Their Newborns Back

Some believe that the systematic application of eugenics of the past is no more, but rather it is alive, well, and growing. In a recent lawsuit, indigenous peoples are suing a Canadian hospital, saying that the hospital refused to give them back their recently born babies unless they agreed to sterilize themselves: As a senator […]

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US Government Authorizes Sale Of Almost $1 Billion USD In Missiles And Military Weaponry To Japan

The remilitarization of Japan is going to be a major theme in the future as preparations for war increase, which if the historical projections of the past remain consistent, will involve both Russia and China. This process has increased in pace and intensity under President Trump, such as with a recent sale of almost $1 […]

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Two Christians Survive Stoning By Massive, Angry Muslim Mob For Being Christians

Two Christians survived an attack by Muslims in which they were rounded up and beaten with rocks, timber, and other objects until they passed out for being Christians according to a report: Christian survivors of a stoning in Kenya from September which led to two deaths have described what they called a “scene from hell” […]

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