Archive | October 26, 2018

UK Television Show Has Contestant Consume Urine And Feces As Part Of A “Challenge”

A recent UK television show had a contestant, celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo, consume urine and feces as part of a “guess what this is” challenge: Celebrity Juice fans have blasted a “vile” challenge on the ITV show – which many viewers are claiming went “too far”. Those tuning in were left utterly repulsed by the […]

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University Student Dies After Hazing Ritual, Forced To Drink Alcohol From Decapitated Pigs Head, Bob For Apples In Tub Of Urine

A UK university student died after a savage hazing ritual in which he was forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol from a decapitate pigs head, and then bob for apples in a tub of urine according to a report: An Economics student died after a university ‘initiation’ which involved drinking vodka from a pig’s […]

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Mother And Her Boyfriend Chain Three-Year-Old To Wooden Pallet, Force Him To Eat Salt, Strap A Belt Around His Neck For Two Months, When He Dies They Cover His Corpse In Concrete

A mother was arrested after she and her boyfriend savagely tortured her three-year-old son for two months that included force-feeding him salt, chaining him to a wooden pallet, and choking him with a belt. When he died from the abuse, they tried to hide his remains by encasing them in concrete according to a report: […]

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