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The Future Is One That Makes Science Fiction Look Normal

In this video, I talk about my recent article on A.I., and I give some insights into the future of what major scientists and powerful men are openly admitting: CLICK HERE TO DONATE AND HELP SPREAD OUR CHRISTIAN MESSAGE IT IS BEST TO REACH US BY EITHER GOING DIRECTLY TO SHOEBAT.ORG OR THROUGH OUR NEWSLETTER. […]

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Pedophile Defender And Conservative Personality Ben Shapiro Has Twitter Meltdown After Trump Says He Wants To Talk To Iran Like A Human Being, Even Shapiro’s Own Acolytes Are Turning Against Him

Defender of pedophile supporter James Gunn and “conservative” personality Ben Shapiro recently had a Twitter meltdown where he erupted into a rage after President Trump said that he would meet with the leaders of Iran if they wanted to: Most interesting is to watch the responses of his own followers to said tweets: Last month, […]

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Transgender Communion_02

Heretic Who Is Allowing Her Own Son To Mutilate His Genitals Gets Mad At Priest For Telling Her What She Is Doing Is A Sin

A woman became angry at a priest for denying her “transgender daughter” communion, telling her that he was living in sin: Lilliana Redd’s daughter, who is transgender, was refused Communion during a Sunday Mass this month at St. Vincent de Paul, one of Charlotte’s more conservative Catholic churches. Nobody disputes that it happened. But Redd […]

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Governments, Scientists, And Billionaires Around The World Are Preparing To Wage A Massive World War With The Muslims Against Christianity To Destroy The World Economy, Massacre Christians And Enslave The Survivors While They Merge With Computers And Biotechnology To Become An “Interplanetary Species”

All of history is directed towards the fulfillment of Revelation in scripture. The progress of technology, communications, logistics, and all inventions, however beneficial they may be, bring man closer to the return of Christ and the final Judgment which all men will have to face. In modern times this is of grave concern, since not […]

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american empire

America Is An Empire That Is Allowing Turkey, Germany And Japan To Rise Again

By Theodore Shoebat America is an empire, and like any other empire they will always be nations that will revolt against it. Today, industrial powerhouses like Turkey, Japan and Germany (nations that are under the American security umbrella) are working to becoming militarily independent. But America the empire is allowing this to happen. The Ottoman […]

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Major Catholic Scholar Reports: ’30-40% Of Catholic Priests Are Homosexuals, And 40-50% Of Bishops Are Homosexuals. Oftentimes Homosexuals Rule Catholic Dioceses, Parishes And Monasteries.’

By Theodore Shoebat ( Sunday Special)  A major Catholic scholar from Poland, Fr. Dariusz Oko, has warned that 30 to 40 percent of Catholic priests are homosexuals, and 40 to 50 percent of bishops are homosexuals. According to a recent report from Life Site News: Today Oko told LifeSiteNews that part of the problem is […]

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Seven Centuries After Hus’ Rebellion Against The Faith, Moravian Church Invites Muslims To Speak In Her Walls About Islam

Centuries ago, Jan Hus and his followers rebelled against the Catholic Church to establish their own sect in a move that many historians regard as one of the precursors to the Protestant Revolution. Hus’ revolution failed but his ideas persisted and came to form the Moravian Church. The Catholic Faith notes that the end of […]

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german albanian bosnian troops

The German Government Wants To Merge Its Military With The Militaries Of European Countries, And Desires To Combine Its Military With The Armies Of Muslim Albania And Bosnia. Be Prepared For The Return Of The Next Reich

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat ( Sunday Special)  Germany wants to merge its military with the militaries of weaker European countries. In other words, Germany desires to mix its iron with the miry clay of Europe.  The government of Germany now wants to recruit non-German EU citizens into the German military. As we read […]

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Dutch Woman Takes Her Own Blood, Makes Sausage With Of It And Then Eats It With A Friend

In a sociocultural context, anthropologists have noted a cross-cultural connection between homosexual activity and cannibalism. While the particular mechanisms of this need to be examined more in detail, there is a consistent overlap between these two themes, where on increases culturally speaking in direct proportion to which the other increases and likewise decreased in the […]

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Mutated Strains Of HIV That Are Resistant To HIV Medication Have Now Been Found In North America

For years now, I have been warning that the actions of the LGBT, aside from the sinful aspect, are medically dangerous because of the potential to bring about new forms of drug-resistant HIV that will eventually cause a horrible epidemic of the disease that has never before been seen. The proof of this is already […]

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Two Hundred Rabbis Come Together To Declare: ‘The LGBT Movement Is Evil.’

By Theodore Shoebat Two hundred rabbis have come together to declare that the LGBT sodomite movement is an evil abomination. Good on the rabbis for combating the satanic cult of Sodom. According to one report from Haaretz: More than 200 rabbis, including Orthodox local chief rabbis and yeshiva heads, signed an open letter on Thursday […]

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The Form Of Government Does Not Matter, What Matters Is The Soul Of The Nation

By Theodore Shoebat I have been hear a lot of debate about forms of government, with people partaking in arguments like “monarchy vs. republic,” etc. To me, this is all pointless. What matters is not the form of government, but the soul of the nation. Here are my thought: CLICK HERE TO DONATE AND HELP […]

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Evil Drug Cartel Takes Two Men And Executes Them Like ISIS On Video, Slits One Of Their Throats Like And Animal, Takes The Other Hacks Off All His Limbs, Puts Them In A Pile And Puts His Head On Top Of His Limbs

The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) of Mexico kidnapped two men and executed them ISIS-style. The first one they slit his throat like an animal: For the second one, they hacked off his limbs and then placed his head on top of the pile of his limbs: As the story is reported regarding them: He […]

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WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 16:  U.S. President Donald Trump (L) welcomes President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R) of Turkey outside the West Wing of the White House May 16, 2017 in Washington, DC. President Trump hosted President ErdoganÊwith an Oval Office meeting and a working luncheon. Both leaders are expected to give a joint statement.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Turkey Wants To Negotiate With Syria: ‘Since We Are Killing Terrorists In Your Country, You Need To Give Turkey Territory.’

By Theodore Shoebat Like clockwork, it never fails: major governments will use terrorism as a means of empowering themselves, by taking territory and expanding their hegemony. Germany did this with Belgium in the First World War, when it affirmed that it wanted to deploy troops into Belgium to protect German workers as they were building […]

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Turkish Soldiers Slaughter 44 Kurdish Fighters In Turkey And In Iraq

By Theodore Shoebat Turkish soldiers, as part of the mission of Turkey’s expansionism, have slaughtered Kurdish fighters in Iraq. In their operations on both Turkish soil and on Iraq, Turkish forces have reportedly killed 44 Kurdish fighters this week alone. According to one report from the Daily Sabah: A total of 44 terrorists were “neutralized” […]

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