Muslim Terrorists Kidnap Seven Innocent Farm Workers While They Were Sleeping, Tie Them Up And Slaughter Them

Muslim Terrorists Kidnap Seven Innocent Farm Workers While They Were Sleeping, Tie Them Up And Slaughter Them

Muslim Terrorists kidnapped seven farm workers while they were sleeping, tied them up and slaughtered them according to a recent report:

Days after 50 people were killed in an attack in a Mosque, gunmen suspected of being Boko Haram jihadists have shot dead seven men working on a farm in northeast Nigeria’s Adamawa state.

The gunmen disguised as security personnel attacked the men around 3:00 am (local time) while they were sleeping at a farm in the village of Sabon Gari in the Gombi district. The victims were shot at close range with their hands tied behind their backs.

“The gunmen killed seven of the eight men who went to work on my farm. Only one escaped,” said farmer owner Yakubu Sarkin-Baka, also head of the local hunters’ union.

The victims were all members of the hunters union in Gombi, 140 kilometres from the state capital Yola, who went to Sarkin-Baka’s farm earlier in the day to harvest corn and decided to stay the night and finish the work the following morning, he said.

“They were found with their hands tied behind their back and bullet holes in their heads,” Sarkin-Baka said.

“The only survivor told us they mistook the attackers for security men,” he added.
Sarkin-Baka declined to say who was behind the attack but an uncle of one of the victims put the blame on Boko Haram jihadists.

“It is clearly the work of Boko Haram on a revenge mission,” Usman Zakari said. “No one would shoot dead seven people in such a cruel manner except Boko Haram.”

He said Sarkin-Baka and his group of hunters had been effectively fighting Boko Haram alongside the Nigerian military which prevented the jihadists from establishing a foothold in the area. In November 2014 Boko Haram fighters briefly seized Gombi but were repelled by the military with the aid of local hunters from the town.
The Islamists made a failed attempt to retake the town two months later but were pushed back by troops and hunters who launched an extensive manhunt and forced Boko Haram to pull out of the area.

On Tuesday at least 50 worshippers were killed when a teenage suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque during morning prayers in the town of Mubi, 59 kilometres away. In January last year a suicide attack on a grain market in Gombi, also blamed on Boko Haram, left eight people dead. Boko Haram was also suspected in that attack. The Islamist militants have been waging an insurgency in northern Nigeria since 2009 which has left at least 20,000 people dead and more than 2.6 million others homeless.


Major Christian Leader In India Begs ‘Please, Save Our Nation From These Nationalists, They Are Going To Slaughter Us’

Major Christian Leader In India Begs ‘Please, Save Our Nation From These Nationalists, They Are Going To Slaughter Us’

A major Christian leader in India, concerned about the rise of nationalism and the anti-Christian attacks being made by them, as begged for help from fellow Christians and people of good will to “save our nation from nationalist forces” according to a recent report:

Ahead of the Gujarat Assembly polls, the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Gandhinagar has written a letter urging members of the Christian community to save the country from “nationalist forces” as he said the “democratic fabric” of the country was at stake, amidst growing “sense of insecurity” among minorities.

Indirectly targeting the ruling BJP in the state, Archbishop Thomas Macwan appealed to the minority community to help elect those candidates, who respect every human being without discrimination, to the state Assembly.

He said the nationalist forces were “on the verge of taking over the country”, which is why the Gujarat elections could make a difference.

In an official communique dated November 21, Macwan appealed to the Christians to organise prayer services in parishes and convents “so that we may have such people elected to the Gujarat Assembly, who would remain faithful to the Indian Constitution and respect every human being without any sort of discrimination”.

“The democratic fabric of the country is at stake amidst growing sense of insecurity among the minorities, Other Backward Class (OBC), Backward Class, poor, etc,” he said.

“The results of this election are significant and will have its repercussion and reverberation throughout our beloved nation. It will influence the future course of our country.

“We are aware that the secular and democratic fabric of our country is at stake. Human rights are being violated. The constitutional rights are being trampled. Not a single day goes without an attack on our churches, church personnel, faithfuls or institutions,” he said.

“The recitation of the Holy Rosary at individual, community, family and parish levels will be of great help.
Encourage your faithful to pray the Rosary,” he said.

In the letter, the Archbishop has also cited examples of how such prayers saved Europe during the victory at Lepanto (referring to the battle of 1571 in which Holy League of Venetian and Spanish empires defeated Ottoman Empire in the Gulf of Patras), and how “protecting hand of our beloved Mother Mary defeated communist governments and dictators in a number of countries”. (source)

Nationalism is currently rising in popularity and is set to rise for some time. This will lead to nothing but trouble because the nationalism of today, while it connects to a real search for a sense of history and past that many feel has been either lost, stolen, or stripped from them, will be nothing more than a pathway to another world war that will dwarf the horrors of the 20th century. This is because just like with the previous world wars, their cause is rooted in the abandonment of Christianity that began centuries ago with the acceptance of the heresy that the Church is merely a special extension of the government and society. This contrasts with the traditional Catholic view that in all societies there are three “estates”- the government, the Church, and the governed, and it is the Church that acts as both a unifying force and a barrier separating the government and the governed so that neither party can take power and subject the other to abuse.

This is the essence of all the nationalist movements that we see today, for to them Christianity is at best an ornament on the artifice of government, which acts as the creator of moranity and the church the enforcer of the state morality. When taken to its logical end, the government eventually discards the Church and designates itself as the organ by which right and wrong is articulated, thus making the government into a god and obedience to that government’s decrees an act of worship. This was the problem faced by Christians during the Roman Empire prior to the conversion of the Empire under Constantine, and this problems reared itself again in a major way beginning with Martin Luther, for it is was he who wanted the creation of ‘a German church for a German people,’ and thus as the author Peter Wiener notes, called Luther the spiritual ancestor whose philosophies over the centuries blossomed until they culminated in the actions of Hitler and his National Socialist state.

India is currently going through the same problems that we have warned are reappearing in Germany and Japan. Driven by Hindu “saffron terrorists,” their basis is in the fact that Hinduism is a nationalist religion just as how the National socialists of Germany and Japan openly admit that the reason they honor pagans of old such as the Spartans, Odin, Freyr, or Ameratsu, is because their religion is one of worship of their people, race, and land. It is simply the paganism of the ancient world repackaged in a modern context, with technical advancements and a few other lingusitic and cultural differences owing to time and place but with the same philosophical basis as its support. There is no difference between the pagans of old and the neopaganism of today as far as its philosophy and intentions are concerned.

The pagan Hindus have made explicitly clear that they want to create “Hindutva,” which is the Hindu equivalent of Hitler’s Aryan race. Hindutva is the “perfect” Hindu state, and the way that these nationalists believe they are going to attain “Hindutva” is to massacre all non-Hindus or “imperfect” Hinuds as part of a great “cleansing” just as how Germany mass murdered the Slavic peoples as well as its own citizens in the name of “purifying” its nation.

As Pope Pius XII pointed out in his famous encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge, it is good for a man to be happy with and support one’s nation and seek its best interest. However, one cannot support one’s nation an in doing so to deny the humanity of other men or use it as a weapon to exploit others for private gain at their clear and destructive loss.


Muslim Men Break Into Convent And Vandalize The Place, Harass The Nuns While Shouting ‘You Must Convert To Islam ‘

Muslim Men Break Into Convent And Vandalize The Place, Harass The Nuns While Shouting ‘You Must Convert To Islam ‘

Two Muslim men broke into a Catholic convent. After vandalizing the place, they attacked the nuns and began shouting ‘you must convert to Islam’ while praying in Arabic.

Can you imagine if this had been a Christian doing this at a mosque to a group of Muslims? From the report:

On Friday, November 10, two men entered a monastery in Verdun (Meuse) and urged the sisters to convert to Islam. They were arrested the next day.

Two men in their thirties , bearded and dressed “normally”, caused unrest on November 10, 2017 in the Carmelite Carmelite community of Verdun, said the city’s prosecutor, confirming Republican East information.

According to a statement by the Prosecutor of the Republic of Verdun, Guillaume Dupont, these two individuals have entered the monastery and one of them “would have written the words Allah Akbar (God is great in Arabic, Ed) on the book of gold of the church “.

According to the bishop of Verdun, the two men “presented themselves as announcers and told them: if you do not convert, you will go to hell” and “prayed in Arabic” during vespers, the Christian prayer evening.

Arriving in the monastery, the two men were not threatening and they even discussed with a sister. The two men left as they had come “thanking the sister for her hospitality,” says the bishop quoted in the regional daily.

According to the Verdun prosecutor’s office, “no violence has been committed” and “no connection with Islamic terrorism” has been established.

An investigation was conducted by Verdun police station, still according to the prosecutor’s office. The two individuals were arrested on November 11 , the day after the events.

“They were brought before the prosecutor of the Republic of Verdun on 13 November, then placed under judicial control by the Judge of liberty and detention” and will be tried next April for “aggravated voluntary violence without total incapacity for work and in meeting ” according to Guillaume Dupont.

For the imam of Verdun, such acts “it is not done (…) This is not normal . We are not going to violate the sacredness of a place of worship, “he responded by saying that he would soon meet the sisters who remain marked by this episode. (source)


Muslim Terrorists Ambush Christians Walking Home From Church, Shoot Them And Then Chop Up Their Bodies With Machetes

Muslim Terrorists Ambush Christians Walking Home From Church, Shoot Them And Then Chop Up Their Bodies With Machetes

Five Christians were murdered by Muslim terrorists, including two who were attacked while walking home from Church that the Muslims shot and then chopped up into pieces with machetes according to a recent report:

Five Christians were killed and five others are missing after attacks by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria’s Plateau and Benue states in the past two weeks.

Two members of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) were killed on Sunday (Nov. 12) in Plateau state’s Wereng village, Riyom Local Government Area (LGA), as they were returning to their village at about 9:30 p.m., area resident Gyang Dahoro, a COCIN elder, told Morning Star News.

Christopher Musa Chong, 28, and Bulus Dantoro, 35, were ambushed and shot death, and their corpses cut with machetes, according to Dahoro.

“The two did not return to the village on Sunday evening,” Dahoro said. “A search was organized, and their corpses were found in bushes the following morning with bullet wounds and machete cuts.”

The Rev. Dacholom Datiri, president of the COCIN, said in a text message to Morning Star News that the church keeps losing its members as Muslim herdsmen have continued to ravage the countryside in a series of armed attacks.

“These armed Fulani herdsmen have continued with their attacks, and the church is at the receiving end,” Datiri said. “We have lost our members to these unprovoked attacks. We are on our knees praying for God’s mercy.”

Police in Plateau state reported recovering items belonging to the herdsmen at the scene of the attack. Plateau State Command spokesman Matthias Terna confirmed in a press statement the two Christians were ambushed and killed by the herdsmen.

“The dead bodies were recovered on the scene at about 8:15 in the morning by miners who were on their way to mining camp,” Terna said. “The police recovered two sticks belonging to the gunmen, and a motorcycle belonging to the deceased persons in the scene.”

Lamenting incessant killings of Christians in the state by the herdsmen using guerrilla tactics, a member of Nigeria’s parliament, the National Assembly, demanded the government declare the herdsmen as terrorists. Istifanus Gyang said in a press statement that the time has come for herdsmen to be classified as terrorists.

“The truth is that there is a quest by the herdsmen to forcefully acquire land and territory for occupation,” Gyang said. “Under this unfortunate development, the Nigerian state and government, which have the constitutional responsibility of protecting citizens from aggression, have left the victims at the mercy of the marauding herdsmen. These attacks have to be profiled and classified as acts of insurgency and treated with the same response as Boko Haram has been handled.”

In Benue state, three Christians were killed and five others abducted by Muslim Fulani herdsmen, sources said.

One of the Christians, Saater Kwaghdom, was killed in an attack in Gaambe-tiv village, Logo LGA, on Nov. 2 in which the herdsmen took away the five Christians, Joseph Anawa of Makurdi told Morning Star News.

Another Christian, Apesuu Uhula, was killed in Isho village, Guma LGA, on Tuesday (Nov. 13), and the same day herdsmen killed another Christian, Ortse Kwaghdoo, in Azdege village, Logo LGA, according to Anawa.

All three slain Christians were members of the Universal Reformed Christian Church, in Nigeria known as the NKST (Nongo U KristuU I Ser Sha Tar), he said.

Among those kidnapped, also NKST members, were Hingir Akaa Azemgbe, Doosul Nambo, and Ladi Mhbahme, he said.

Moses Yamu, spokesman for the Benue State Command, said in a press statement that some herdsmen who carried out the attacks have been arrested.

Christians make up 51.3 percent of Nigeria’s population, while Muslims living primarily in the north and middle belt account for 45 percent.

Benue state is majority-Christian, and a report released this month describes attacks there as a “Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen invasion of Benue.”

“Nigeria: Benue State Under the Shadow of Herdsmen Terrorism,” commissioned by the World Watch Research unit of Open Doors International and Voice of the Martyrs Canada, says ethnic, socio-economic, environmental and political factors play some part in attacks, but that policy makers have diminished the underlying jihadist motives.

The ideology of the Hausa-Fulani Muslim invasion of Benue is based on the slogan, “Everything belongs to Allah. Every piece of land belongs to Allah and not you; it is not for you infidels but for Allah,” the report notes.

“Thus, with climate change, competition over limited resources and environmental threat to the ways of life of the herdsmen, the use of terror and its religious justification has been intensified, particularly in Benue,” the report states. “Herdsmen use terror tactics to conduct jihad, displacing local communities from their land to make room for their herds, to occupy those lands and to spread Islam.”

Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen are generally misperceived as people who are only in search of a better environment for caring for their sheep, the report states.

“They are mostly considered as people whose life, survival and tradition is embedded in the value attached to the herds, and the capacity they retain to protect their way of life,” it states. “Yet, historically, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that herdsmen in Africa have always played an important role in Islamic jihad. Their actions clearly demonstrate that their use of terror is premeditated; it is ideologically driven and sometimes politically motivated depending on the place, time and socio-political context.”

The report also asserts that the government is complicit in the violence by failing to stop attacks or prosecute assailants.

Nigeria ranks 12th on Open Doors’ 2017 World Watch List of countries where Christians suffer the most persecution.


Hindu Man Beats His Wife And Disowns His Children After They Leave Hinduism And Embrace Christ, They Say ‘This Persecution Had Only Made Our Faith In Jesus Stronger’

Hindu Man Beats His Wife And Disowns His Children After They Leave Hinduism And Embrace Christ, They Say ‘This Persecution Had Only Made Our Faith In Jesus Stronger’

A Hindu man beat and then disowned his wife and four children after they renounced Hinduism for Christ and refused to reconvert. In response to the persecution, she and her children have stated the even has only made their faith in Jesus stronger according to a recent report:

A Hindu father has reportedly beaten and thrown out his wife and four children who decided to convert to Christianity, cutting them off financially and demanding they abandon their devotion to Jesus.

The British Pakistani Christian Association reported on Saturday that the family of Ramesh Kumar, the Hindu patriarch, is struggling to make ends meet in the State of Haryana in Northern India as winter approaches, but the mother and her four children have so far refused pressure to reconvert.
Kumar declared in February that he would no longer tolerate his family attending a Christian church for worship, and allegedly beat his wife and his children for their faith, officially repudiating them in September.

The eldest son, 23-year-old Neeraj, has been using his small wage as a shop clerk to provide for his mother and three siblings, who are all still students. But in October, Kumar forced his son’s employer to stop offering him a wage.

Kumar claimed in a police report that his family tried to forcefully make him go to church and change his religion, and alleged that his son threatened to kill him if he did not become a Christian.

The Christians have denied the allegations before police. Yet officials joined extended family members in demanding that the Christians end the family feud by rejecting their Christianity, according to with BPCA.

The children and mother have said, however, that the persecution they are facing only strengthens their faith in Jesus.

“We will not stop going to the church because we know Jesus is the true God who died for us,” they said.

BPCA fears that the family is in danger of attacks, however, given that last week Kumar placed an ad in a local newspaper alleging that his family members attacked him.

Kumar also disowned his family in the ad, and said he is not responsible for what happens to them.

Christians in a number of Indian provinces have faced violent beatings for their faith, and have been falsely accused by authorities and Hindu radicals of trying to forcefully convert people.

Pastor Naresh Paul, lead officer for British Asian Christian Association, said that he met with the family and revealed that the community has abandoned them, with no one but a local pastor coming to help them.

The BPCA is collecting donations in support of the Christians and has listed the significant financial hardships they face for their commitment to their faith.

“The disownment of his children by a patriarch has left this family very vulnerable. They have been targeted by a father who is caught up in the religious zeal that has become more commonplace in India since the [Narendra] Modi regime came into power,” said BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry.

“Proliferation of anti-minority propaganda, and a biased national curriculum that continues to demonize other faiths, has had the effect of polarizing communities. Moreover a growing number of incidents of minority persecution, is a poor indictment of Indian society which lacks harmony and tolerance in many regions.”

In October, a group of drunken Hindu nationalists savagely beat a Christian pastor in southern India, accusing him of forceful conversions after five families decided to become Christians.

Pastor Banothu Sevya was left in a coma for two days following the assault near Jamandlapalli village, which came after hardline Hindu groups warned him against converting tribal families in the region.

The pastor’s wife, Banothu Anusha, said that the attackers “attempted to murder” her husband, who was left with blood clots in the cerebral area, brain coordination problems, injury to his eye and a damaged eardrum. (source)