Turkish Government Prepares To Release Muslim Butchers Who Made Video Dissecting Three Christians Alive For Hours And Laughing About It In Court Because Of “Legal Inconsistencies”

The three victims

Ten years ago, Christian missionary Tilmann Geske and two other Turkish Christians were tortured to death by Muslims in ways almost beyond description. Over a dozen Muslims, five of whom were later convicted and now serving life in prison for their crimes, came to the three Christians pretending to want to learn about the Bible. Once the Bible study began, they tied up the men and spent the next three hours slowly dissecting them part-by-part while they were still alive before finally stabbing them and slicing their throats. Tilmann was stabbed 156 times, one of the other converts 99 times, and the other was stabbed so many times his body was unrecognizable. When the Muslims were arrested, they showed no remorse and bragged they did their crimes to please Allah and support “the Motherland.”

Now ten years later, after these men ADMITTED and BRAGGED about their crimes, the Turkish government is looking at releasing them because of “legal inconsistencies” according to a recent report:

Christians in Turkey say they need prayers as a court is reviewing sentences handed down last year over the killing of three Christian missionaries in eastern Turkey in April 2007.

German missionary Tilmann Geske and Turkish converts Necati Aydin and Uğur Yüksel were repeatedly stabbed and had their throats cut when they were attacked at a Christian ‘Zirve Publishing House’ in Malatya.

Last week a court in the western city of Gaziantep upheld life sentences given in September 2016 to five perpetrators linked to the murders but it also expressed doubts over other verdicts in the case, trial observers said.

The court reportedly claimed that prison sentences for retired Chief of Staff Colonel Mehmet Ulger and Major Haydar Yesil were based “on legal inconsistencies” and need re-examination.

Christians said the two officers were apparently involved in the planning and preparation of the murders along with others set free for an alleged lack of evidence. (source)

This report is a warning to all Christians and reflects what we have been talking about for a LONG time- that Turkey is looking to revive its imperial past and all of the hatred it has for Christ and His Church. Working with Germany, the “Turkish menace” as she was called of in old is resurrecting her empire from its grave (which is also unnatural, as empires that pass away do NOT revive, at least naturally). By working the Germany and Japan, she will once again pour out terror over the earth.

For this reason, as we have been warning, Christians who live in the Middle East, especially in Turkey, should make as many provisions as possible to LEAVE quickly if they want to live. What Turkey is doing by even merely toying with the idea of releasing these murderers from their prison cells is an open admission that they do not see what they did to these Christians as a crime because of the fact that those men were Christians. The Turk does not want forgiveness because he never sees himself as ever having committed any sins because, in true Islamic fashion, the nation denies the humanity of non-Muslims and treats them as such, simply daring to do what many would not but is still permitted under Islamic law.


Hindu Police Arrest Christians For Preaching About Jesus, Beat Them In Prison And Then Say “Pay Us Money Now Or We Will Prosecute You”


Six Christians were arrested in India for sharing the Gospel. After they were arrested for “unlawful assembly” they were beaten and threatened to pay money or else they would be prosecuted according to a recent report:

Berating and slapping a pastor for reading the Bible instead of Hindu texts, police in Uttar Pradesh state, India last month detained six Christians under “unlawful assembly” laws for worshiping together, sources said.

After traveling from Etah village to a church in nearby Pujaripurvah, the six Christians were detained for nine days before they were granted bail by Bahriach District’s Second Class Judicial Magistrate Court on July 5.

Police on June 25 arrived at the worship service in Pujaripurvah village and confiscated Bibles, hymn books and devotionals. Station House Officer (SHO) Aravind Kumar of Nanpara demanded that Pastor Asha Ram Sahni hand over literature he suspected was used to convert people, the church leader said.

When Pastor Sahni showed him copies of the New Testament and gospel tracts, Kumar said, “Not this ‘thing,’ give us the material with which you do conversions.”

Kumar further badgered him, saying, “You are paid eight to 10 lakhs [US$12,420 to US$15,520] for converting people,” the pastor said.

“I told the officer, ‘Sir, if I’m paid such hefty amounts, why would I live in a mud house? I follow Jesus Christ with all my heart, I serve Christ, I share the gospel, but I never forcefully converted anyone. I don’t have any other books,’” he said.

The prior Sunday, relatives of village President Raj Kumar took photographs of Bibles and gospel tracts and complained to police about the church, Pastor Sahni told Morning Star News. The police harassment began the following Sunday, with SHO Kumar eventually ordering him to write down the names of everyone who attended worship, he said. On June 27, the officer ordered the 38-year-old pastor and five others to the police station, where they were taken into custody.

Police charged the six Christians with knowingly joining or continuing in any assembly of five or more persons after being commanded to disperse (Section 151 of the Indian Penal Code).
While in custody, SHO Kumar asked Pastor Sahni what his favorite part of the Bible was, the pastor said. He answered Matt. 7:7-11, which he read to him, explaining that a child asking for a fish is not given a snake, and how much more the Father in heaven cares for His children.

“He started slapping me and asked, ‘Why do you read only Naya Niyam [the New Testament]? Why not Ram Charit Manas and Mahabharat? There are many holy books, why did you not read them?’” Pastor Sahni said. “He slapped me again.”

Ram Charit Manas is a 16th century Hindu devotional classic, and Mahabharat is an ancient Sanskrit epic tale.

One of the Christians arrested, identified only as 35-year-old Gurudeen, said that SHO Kumar accused him of forcible conversion in the majority-Hindu country where eating beef is outlawed in many states, telling him, “You instigate people and convert them to Christianity, and you consume beef too. You will spend your life in jail.”

“I don’t do any such thing. I only believe in Jesus Christ. Christ has done many wondrous things in my life. Sir, I did not do anything that I have to be jailed,” Gurudeen told him. He told Morning Star News, “He kept tormenting, saying ‘I will bring your wife and put her to shame.’”

For four days during Gurudeen’s incarceration, the inspector sent male and female police officers to his house to harass his wife, he said.

Also jailed was Lal Bihari Verma 35; Ram Naresh 35; Gobrey Nishad, 45; and Chote Lal, 45.

Nanpara Police SHO Kumar avoided Morning Star News questioning about accusations that he harassed the Christians at a legal assembly and slapped the pastor.

“We arrested them based on the complaint received from the villagers, and lodged an FIR [First Information Report] charging them under Indian Penal Code section 151,” he said. “It’s about dispersing illegal assemblies.”

Asked if he had any evidence against the Christians and could prove the charges in court, Kumar said, “They vandalized an idol of a Hindu goddess. I received a video of it.”

Attorney Pankaj Pathak, who represented the Christians in court, said there was no truth to the accusations.

“The court, after examining the statements given by the witnesses of the village, who clarified that there was no truth in the accusations, decided to grant the bail to all of the six accused,” Pathak said. “The police did not mention about any video before the court. The Christians were framed on false charges.”

One of the accused Christians, who requested anonymity, said they have been falsely accused.

“The SHO himself had cooked up this tale of vandalizing idols,” he said. “We never committed any such act. We only gather and pray as church or families at our own houses peacefully, and they labelled it as ‘unlawful.’”

Verma, one of those detained, told Morning Star News that opposition to the growth of Christianity has been growing in his native Etah village the past three months.

“The villagers respected my belief and even requested us to pray for their illnesses and problems since I accepted Christ as my personal Savior three years ago,” Verma said. “There have been divisional politics and conspiracies cooking in the village for three months as the Christians are growing in numbers. The same people who earlier told us we can assemble and pray as church are now opposing us.”

In May and June, traditionally regarded as wedding season in rural Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states, Christians who abstain from the accompanying alcohol and rituals that involve idol worship face severe opposition from villagers.

While police were harassing the Christians in Pujaripurvah on June 25, police arrived at their native village of Etah of Nanpara Mandal, Bahriach District, and harassed their families worshipping at a house there, sources said.

Gurudeen was worshipping with the women in Etah when police arrived with former village head Ram Kumar Verma, he said.

“Police snatched away the Bible in my hands, and Ram Kumar Verma started using foul language against me, my wife and children,” he said. “He was crossing the limits. The police did not stop him.”

Police warned the Christians not to assemble for worship in the village and told the women to send their husbands to the police station. (source)


Nine Christians Saved from Blasphemy Law

RescueChristians.org, a division of Forum For Middle East Understanding, is a non-profit charity (501c3 EIN# 75 321 4184) formed to do what the other “Rescue Missions” will not do: Get our hands dirty and risk our lives actually going in and rescuing persecuted Christians.

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In 2009, after a case of false Blasphemy was referred to us from Pakistan we inquired with many organizations that touted themselves as helping the persecuted Christians. After extensive research we discovered to our disappointment that none of these organizations had any interest in actually saving people from their fate. We decided that despite our lack of expertise at that time, it was our duty as Christians and Jews under the command of the Lord to undertake our best efforts to try and save as many Christian (and Jews if necessary) people as possible both from slavery and persecution.

In 6 years we have saved or helped over 12,000 people. In the last three years we have saved over 10,000 slaves which includes providing them new jobs and new places to live, literally changing their lives from persecution and abject poverty to people with a living wage and children who can now go to school.

We have done this with a tiny budget compared to other charities. Our tiny charity has helped more slaves in three years than the combined efforts of other “slave freeing” charities have done in the last 15 years.

The slave problem is huge with about 30 million slaves worldwide of which over three million are Christians. We believe if we can raise the resources we can save most of the Christian slaves and inspire other non-Christian organizations to save their own brethren. We have already inspired the Hindu community to do the same as us in Pakistan.

We employ brave people who risk their own lives to save their brethren and with the financial resources our readers and supporters provide that allows us to do this holy work. On many occasions we have serious security issues to deal with but thanks to G-d all our staff so far have avoided death or serious injury.

Our primary focus is to rescue people, get them out of danger or slavery and to safety. We avoid getting involved in food programs and social services. This is not because we dislike these programs it is because they cost so much money and because of our limited resources we cannot afford to help hundreds of thousands of people a month providing food and shelter. If we move large amounts of people to safety we partner with other larger organizations that can provide these services.

Ideally we like our rescued victims especially in the slave program to be able to get employment and be self-sustaining once they are released. Our charity retains its own private employment agency so once we release the slaves we can get them employed immediately. However in some cases we will provide on a short-term basis individual families food and shelter until permanent status has been achieved, this is usually the case when we deal with individual cases of extreme persecution.

Even if you are not wealthy you can help. For $87 you can save one slave and pay this over 12 months that is only $7.25 a month. To save one family costs about $500 that is only $40 per month. To save 10 families a year is about $5000, which is $400 a month.
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‘They Told Them To Renounce Christ But They Persevered To The End’ Survivors Tell How ISIS Slaughtered Egyptian Christians Who Refused to Deny Christ

Two months after ISIS terrorists slaughtered 29 Christians in Egypt, the survivors are coming forth with their stories, saying that ISIS told the Christians to renounced Christ and convert to Islam or die. However, all of them refused and accepted death instead according to a recent report:

One of the survivors of the massacre of 29 Egyptian Christians in Minya in May said that the Islamic State extremists forced the women off the bus and ordered them to renounce their faith in Christ, but the Copts refused.

Financial Times reported on Tuesday that Mariam Adel, a young mother whose husband and nine of her relatives were killed in the attack, has been speaking from her hospital bed about the terrorist group’s attack.

Adel said that the jihadists opened fire with machine guns at the bus carrying the Christians traveling to a desert monastery, before getting on board to kill any men left alive.

As for the women, the radicals ordered them off the bus and told them to convert to Islam.

“Renounce our faith? Of course not,” Adel said of the women’s reaction. “If we had, they might have let us off the bus and treated us well. But we only want Jesus and we are confident he will not leave us.”

In response, IS robbed the women of their gold jewelry and mobile phones, taking what they described as the “spoils of war.”

Egypt’s minority Coptic population has suffered greatly at the hands of the Islamic militants over the past year.

Twin Palm Sunday bombings in Tanta and Alexandria in April killed 45 people, and there have been several other isolated attacks as well.

Other survivors of the Minya massacre, such as 10-year-old schoolboy Mina Habib, have also opened up about their harrowing experience.

Habib, whose father was one of IS’ victims, told Reuters in June:

“They asked my father for identification then told him to recite the Muslim profession of faith. He refused, said he was Christian. They shot him and everyone else with us in the car.”

The boy added, “Every time they shot someone they would yell ‘God is great.'”

Bishop Anba Makarios, the top Coptic Orthodox cleric in Minya governorate, has said that Christians will not take up arms despite such terrorist actions, Al-Monitor reported.

Makarios explained that any arms training could make Christians the subject of further attacks.

“Some had previously accused the church of storing weapons, but the destruction of dozens of churches in different governorates across the country” in recent years “has proven conclusively that this is not true,” the bishop said.

“Terrorists did not find any weapons, or they would have immediately revealed them. If churches had weapons stored on their premises, logically they would have used them to defend themselves during attacks.”

FT reported that more than 100 Christians have been killed since December. Emad Gad, a Christian member of the Egyptian parliament from a pro-government alliance, warned that there is “a strong possibility” that more attacks are coming.

“Security measures [may help] but the community is anxious and feels there is nothing it can do to protect itself,” Gad said.

Mokhtar Awad, research fellow at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, said that Islamic extremists still heavily blame Christians for supporting President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his crackdown on the terrorist-linked Muslim Brotherhood group.

“They have systematically incited against Christians and blamed them entirely for the coup and for the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Awad said.

“ISIS has arrived at a point when there is sufficient hatred against Christians that it can try to translate it into action.” (source)


Christians Fleeing Muslim Lands Are Now Being Persecuted By Muslims In The West And Governments Are Refusing To Help Them

For a full century now Christian refugees have been fleeing Muslim lands for the West. However, with the now large Muslim migrations to the West coordinated by Western elites themselves, Christians are finding themselves at the mercy of the same persecutors they have been fleeing.

The situation is such now that there is rampant persecution and harassment of Christians in the migrant camps and the very nations they are fleeing to are doing little to nothing to help them according to a recent report:

Christian refugees have been blocked from seeking asylum on the Greek mainland after fleeing Islamic persecution in the camps in the Greek Isles.

Muslim persecution of Christians from Syria, Afghanistan, and other Muslim countries has run rampant in the Moria refugee camp on the Isle of Lesbos, according to the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA). Christians in the camp have received death threats, been barred from openly practicing their faith, and in some cases have been beaten and had their makeshift homes destroyed at the hands of Islamic radicals. Many Christians have fled for their lives to seek asylum on the mainland, but current Greek policy turned them back to the camp, according to Wilson Chowdhry, president of BPCA.

“I would like to bring to your attention several reports of persecution that have been raised with the British Pakistani Christian Association, relating to persecution of Christians within the Muslim-majority … Moria Camp,” Chowdry wrote in an email to Dimitris Caramitsos, Greek ambassador to the U.K. “Christians are being prevented from holding church services, worshiping and praying by their Muslim neighbors. Moreover, reports of tents being burned down, violence, bullying, harassment and severe threats paint a very bleak picture of the quality of life for Christians caught up within the camp.”

Chowdry sent the email to seek Caramitsos’ help in changing Greece’s policy concerning asylum for refugees, which sent many Christians back to the same camps where they have been persecuted, according to Christian Post.

“The majority of Christian refugees escape but are being refused asylum by Greek authorities who only consider adverse health as a mitigating factor and not Christian persecution,” Chowdry’s email read. “We are seeking your help in obtaining a change in the current Greek policy in which the risk of proven re-persecution of Christians counts as a mitigating factor for asylum assessment for escapees of Moria Camp.”

Many Christians who fled Lesbos but were denied asylum on the mainland became illegal immigrants, as they could only receive state assistance and legally apply for asylum if they returned to their refugee camp. Christians like Haroon Maqbool of Pakistan, who arrived in Lesbos in 2016 with two children, chose not to face the dangers of the persecution they had already escaped, according to BPCA.

Maqbool attempted to register for asylum at the camp in Lesbos but was pushed to the back of the line with other Christian men by Muslims who said they would kill him and the others if they entered the camp. Maqbool chose to flee by boat to the mainland instead of risking his life and has lived illegally in Greece for nine months.

BPCA told Christian Post that Maqbool’s situation is not unique among Christians who came to Lesbos.

“Many just choose to be homeless rather than return back and stay at those camps,” Chowdhry said. “Those camps are extremely terrifying.” (source)