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The US Military Is Now Deliberately Preventing Bashar Al-Assad And His Troops From Fighting ISIS, While At The Same Time Supporting Muslim Rebels

By Theodore Shoebat The US military is now deliberately stopping Bashar Al-Assad and his troops from fighting off ISIS, while at the same time support Muslim rebels. I did a whole video on this: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click […]

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In The End, Many Conservatives Will Join The Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat The way I look at the Counter-jihad movement is the same way I see the pro-life movement. For decades, the pro-life movement has said that they are fighting abortion. When the chance comes to treat abortion as actual murder, they oppose it. Since 9/11, the Counter-jihad movement has said that they are […]

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Turkish President Erdogan Is Evil But He Is A Lot More Clever Than The So Called Leaders Of The Western World

Turkish President Erdogan is an evil person with evil intentions. He wants to bring back the Ottoman Empire and wage a terrible war against Christianity and the Church to try to bring the entire world to submission to Islam. But as evil is a perversion of good, one cannot outright say that everything which Erdogan […]

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Erdogan, The New Prophet Of Allah Is Lashing At Europe And The Pope Calling Them “The Alliance Of Crusaders”

By Walid Shoebat On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, Pope Francis received 27 European Union heads of state and government at a private audience in the Vatican’s Sala Regia on Friday evening. This didn’t bode well for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. On Sunday he lashed at […]

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Russian Military Is SLAUGHTERING ISIS As The Terrorist Jihadist Group Is About To Be Utterly Destroyed

By Theodore Shoebat Russian helicopters are slaughtering ISIS, as we can see in this recent video:   As we read in one report: The Syrian Armed Forces, backed by Russian air force, continue to gain more territories from the Islamic State in the eastern countryside of Homs, eliminating more jihadists in the process. The steady […]

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Man Wants To “Get Rich Quick,” A Witch Doctor Tells Him To Obtain The Heart Of A Human Being For Diabolical Ritual. Him And His Friend Kidnap A Man, Cut Off His Head, Dismember His Arms And Legs, And Rip His Heart Out

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Nigeria, drunk off greed and never ending want, desired to “get rich quick,” and went to a witch doctor who told him that he needed a human heart to perform a ritual that was suppose to get him wealth. Him and a fellow criminal kidnapped an innocent man, decapitated […]

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Members of the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) lynch a man suspected of being a former Seleka rebel on February 5, 2014, in Bangui.  The impoverished former French colony descended into chaos last March when rebel forces overthrew the president, but an interim government lost control of the country.  Rival Muslim and Christian militias are now battling each other and rogue checkpoints have been set up on nearly all main roads.Despite the presence of French and African peacekeeping troops, violence continues to rock the country, and has already forced about a fifth of the population of 4.6 million from their homes.
 AFP PHOTO/ ISSOUF SANOGO    -GRAPHIC CONTENT -        (Photo credit should read ISSOUF SANOGO/AFP/Getty Images)

Pagan Militia In Congo Ambushes Over Forty Police Officers, And Decapitates All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat A pagan militia in the Congo, which calls itself the “Kamwina Nsapu militia,” ambushed over forty police officers and decapitated all of them. The militia made the attack between the cities of Tshikapa and Kananga in Central Kasai province on Friday. Six police officers were spared simply because they spoke the local Tshiluba language. […]

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Christians In Nigeria Are Being So Horrifically Persecuted That Many Of Them Now Live In Camps, But Now They Are Being Told, ‘If You Are A Christian We Will Not Give You Any Food. The Food Is Only For Muslims.’

By Theodore Shoebat Christians in Nigeria are being so horrifically and brutally persecuted that many of them — displaced and homeless — are living in camps. But now they are even being denied food, and are told by the people in the camps that the food is for Muslims, not Christians. Here is a report […]

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Alt-Right Terrorist In New York Murders Black Man With Sword, Declares That He Is A White Supremacist

By Theodore Shoebat An Alt-Right terrorist in New York murdered a black man with a sword for the cause of his diabolical ideology. According to one recent report: “Before he allegedly killed a random black man with a sword, a self-proclaimed white supremacist liked alt-right YouTube videos and claimed high test scores in U.S. Army […]

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Vicar of Baghdad

“Christianity in Iraq is finished” says the Vicar of Baghdad

Posted by Keith Davies Below is an interview which was done by Fox News on March 22 2017. The evaluation on Iraq and the Christian community by this Anglican Priest who lived in Baghdad for many years until he was ordered to leave by the Arch Bishop of Canterbury in 2014, when it was no […]

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Five Men In Chicago Take Fifteen Year Old Girl, Gang Rape Her And Live Stream It On Facebook

By Theodore Shoebat Five men in Chicago took a fifteen year old girl and gang raped her and live streamed it on Facebook. This decay of society can be read about in this report: A 15-year-old Chicago girl was apparently sexually assaulted by five or six men or boys on Facebook Live, and none of […]

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Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, chief of the Jamat-ud-Dawa religious party, addresses the Harmain Sharifain Conference in support of the Saudi Arabian government in Peshawar April 19, 2015. REUTERS/Fayaz Aziz - RTR4XWQJ

The Government Of Pakistan Wants To Work With Facebook To Track Down Those Who Blaspheme Islam

By Theodore Shoebat The government is Pakistan wants to work with Facebook to track down those who blaspheme Islam, as we read in one report: Pakistan will punish social media companies that fail to take action against online blasphemy, the interior minister said, adding that he had requested a meeting with Facebook to discuss the […]

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Islamic terrorists Sneak Into Camp For Victims Of Terrorism, They Blow Themselves Up And Slaughter Eight People

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists in Nigeria snuck up into a camp for victims of terrorism, and blew themselves up, slaughtering eight people. As we read in one report: At least eight people have been killed in multiple suicide blasts along a highway in Maiduguri in northeastern Nigeria, security sources told Al Jazeera. Two of […]

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10 Mass Graves Filled With Dead Bodies Discovered In Congo

By Theodore Shoebat Ten mass graves filled with dead bodies were discovered in Congo by UN forces, as we read in one report: The United Nations said Wednesday investigators found 10 mass graves in the violence-wracked Kasai region in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s centre. “We have communicated to the (Congolese) government the presence of […]

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Muslim Man In Australia Wants To Join ISIS, His Wife Says No, He Butchers Her In Front Of His Three Children, Rips Her Eye Out And Flushes It Down The Toilet Before Mutilating Her Corpse

It sounds like something that would be out of a horror movie. However, it is another reality of the evils of Islam. According to a recent report, an Muslim man living in Australia wanted to join ISIS but his wife objected. In response, he murdered her in front of his three children, after which he […]

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Erdogan Is Planning To Convert Hagia Sophia To A Mosque Declaring A War Between The Crescent And The Cross

  By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special in advance) In a speech last week, President Erdoğan said that a recent decision by the European Court of Justice just sparked the war between the Cross and the Crescent. To send a message of this war reports reveal that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan could be planning to punish […]

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