Rescue Christians Saves nearly 2000 people in 2017

Rescue Christians Saves nearly 2000 people in 2017

To our Readers and financial supporters we would like to firstly thank you for your loyal support for the work we do to help save our brethren from persecution and slavery.

This year we saved nearly 2000 people, each month without fail we have released between one and two hundred slaves. Our leader of the slave program who organizes the videos has been sick so we have not been able to publish the videos of all these “victories” for several months but as soon as he is in better health we will publish the videos which proves a the work we have done in 2017. If you have never seen our work regarding the slaves from the brick kilns please watch our documentary here:

We also have done much work in Pakistan and some in Nigeria with individual cases in other countries. We are working on two major cases now concerning the blasphemy laws in Pakistan but cannot talk about these cases which are fluid as I write this message, but will publish the details once they brought to safety.

A case we have been working on for three year where we moved a Yemenite convert (to Christianity) to Sri Lanka and registered him as a refugee has been waiting to come to the USA since we rescued him in April 2014 from Yemen. His case has been verified and approved but the US government for nearly a year has delayed his travel to the USA and sadly the Trump administration because of the new immigration standards has delayed his ability to restart his life here in the USA even though his case has been thoroughly vetted. A few days before Christmas he was brutally attacked in Sri Lanka by thieves who knocked him unconscious and robbed him of his possessions. We are now helping him recover from this ordeal and we are now seeking that his case receive preferential treatment from the State Department.

We started work in Nigeria this year and completed two rescues of Christians who had been brutalized by Muslims in the North of the country. Our rescue leader on the ground had her house burnt to the ground a few weeks ago and we have sent resources so she can get new accommodation so she can continue her work to save Christians from the Muslims especially in the North of Nigeria where the danger is the greatest.

We are the only organization that specializes in freeing or helping Christians escape danger from persecution. Our people who work on the ground risk their lives each day so that they can save their brethren. Since we started our work in 2009 we have saved around 15,000 people and not one of these people could have been saved without the donations you have provided to be able to do this work. We also request your prayers for all our teams so they maybe safe in thier dangerous work.

Persecution and slavery is at record levels and growing. We greatly appreciate your support and hope you can continue to support our work. If you can help us and take advantage of the tax deduction in 2017 tax year please click here to donate

We wish you all a very blessed, happy, and prosperous new year.

Thank You

Keith Davies
Executive Director Rescue Christians

Hindu Nationalist Group That Has Declared It Will Hunt Down And Murder All Christians In India Just Took Absolute Political Control Over A Huge Part Of India

Hindu Nationalist Group That Has Declared It Will Hunt Down And Murder All Christians In India Just Took Absolute Political Control Over A Huge Part Of India

In a story that has been completely ignored, the Hindu Nationalist BJP party of India, who has promised to commit genocide against Christians, just won a major victory in India, taking absolute control over the most populous area of India in the state of Uttar Pradesh:

Buoyed by the BJP’s massive victory in the civic polls in the state, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath today advised Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to remain grounded rather than flying high and criticising the Gujarat model of development.

Without taking Mr Gandhi’s name, he said, “It will be better for those criticising the Gujarat model of development that they learn from the defeat in Amethi civic polls and come on the ground to do some work, rather than loosing arrows in the air.”

He said this while replying to a question on what was his interpretation of BJP’s victory in Amethi, the consistency of Mr Gandhi.

Referring to SP leader and former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav and Mr Gandhi, chief minister Yogi Adityanath said the civic elections prove that both should be given a farewell.

The BJP’s victory shows that it will win all 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh in the next Lok Sabha elections in 2019, he said at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit here.

While terming the party’s victory as acknowledgement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity and the work done by the state government, chief minister Yogi Adityanath also attributed it to political acumen of BJP chief Amit Shah.

Replying to a question on the issue of Ram temple at Ayodhya, chief minister Yogi Adityanath said that it would be better if it can be resolved through dialogue between all parties concerned.

Hindus always preferred the dialogue process to resolve the issue but it is the other side (Muslims) who runs away from it, he claimed, adding that the government would cooperate if an amicable and mutually acceptable solution can be reached through talks.

Replying to another question, chief minister Yogi Adityanath said PM Modi is his idol in politics. (source)

A major win by the BJP in no good- this is exactly what the Christians of India were afraid of, and of which a major Christian bishop recently begged the people that India would be saved from them and their plans.. Hindu Nationalists are already terrorizing Christians across India. Known as “saffron terrorists” by the color of their robes, they have been committing such atrocities such as cutting the tongues of Christians from their mouthsdestroying Christian schools, and calling for all Christians to be sterilized to prevent them from reproducing. The violence is so bad that police are recording on average an attack on a Christian by a Hindu nnationalist every 40 hours.

The BJP are violent Hindu nationalists who hate Christianity and want to institute what they called the “Hindutva Rashtra,” which is their concept of a “perfect” Hindu state that will be realized by the mass purging of all non-Hindu ideas and people. This means committing genocide against India’s Christian population. As we at reported on, this has been a plan in the works for years by Hindu nationalists that has been exposed recently by former BJP members, who they say they party is hoping to executed within a decade:

Catholic leaders have accused the pro-Hindu state government in Goa, western India, of inciting terrorist activities and the promotion of Hindu fundamentalist ideologies across the country.

The accusation follows a three-day conclave, involving some 130 pro-Hindu organizations, that called on followers to hang beef eaters and initiate violence against Hindus who believe in secular ideologies.

Goa and Daman Archdiocese’s Council for Social Justice and Peace questioned the government’s inaction over “conventions that propagate divisive, anti-national and terrorist ideologies,” in the Christian-stronghold state.

A Hindu nun, Sadhvi Saraswati, who addressed the assembly reportedly declared that Hindu groups would establish a Hindu-only nation in India within a decade.

The resolutions passed at the meeting included the declaration of India as a Hindu Rashtra (nation) by 2023, a ban on cattle slaughter, and the declaration of the cow as the national animal. (source, source)

Our report was confirmed by a regular reader, who added the following three comments:

Yes. This news report is true. In fact, I have a close friend, a convert to Christianity, a former Hindu nationalist himself. He gave me inside knowledge of what is going on in meetings. They are waiting for a “global event” such as world war 3 that can weaken America or western nations, after which they intend to assume full control of India, infiltrate Indian army with Hindu extremist men, police etc and they plan to collect citizen’s details using the central government bio-metric database called Aadhar, where they have insiders working. The Government has been busy pushing all citizens to take up the biometric ID. They plan to round up all the Christians and Muslims, ask them to bow to a Hindu image or decapitate them. In simple words, they plan to exterminate ALL the Christians inside India. Catholics, protestants, fringe Pentecostals, everyone. They hate the Roman Catholics the most, followed by the Pentecostal sects. They also plan to kill several Christian leaders in Kerala state especially and kill most of the Kerala and Tamil Christians too in South India, as they see the growing population of Christians in south India to be a major threat. They intend to accomplish this goal by 2030. And as of now, there is a growing threat of world war 3 involving China, U.S, Russia etc. So such evil is getting close.

In additional news, Modi is visiting Israel. Hindu nationalists and Jewish nationalists are very close to each other. Pray to God, that their influence in Israel will cease.

A word of advise to Pakistani Christians :

Please don’t flee to India or Sri lanka, in the coming years Hindu nationalists and Sri lankan Sinhala Buddhist nationalists will kill Christians as part of their plan to exterminate Christianity. So please rule these 2 countries out to seek refuge in the future.

Also some Hindu natonalists are trying to “disprove” Aryan-Dravidian divide by using fake or paid studies by corrupt researchers that Indians are one ancient Hindu race. That is not true. More research is now showing that India has been populated by different people groups. The black skinned/dark skinned indigenous Dravidians and other indigenous aboriginal people have been in India long before the central Asian and Persian blooded people came. Upper class Hindus are trying to hide this truth. Of course some mixture took place among many Indians, but Hinduism is an outside religion. It has no roots in India. Persian Zoroastrianism and ancient Hinduism even share common themes, showing its origin from central Asia/Iran region. Hinduism carries an ancient racial hatred, same as Hitler. The same evil of Hitler is found in Hinduism.

The above article by Walid and theodore is 100% correct and affirms the truth. (source)

Yogi Adityanath, who is mentioned in the story, is himself an admitted Hindu terrorist with a violent past. He personally has admitted to being invovled in forcibly “converting” 1800 Christians back to Hinduism, and openly states that his mission is to bring about the Hindutva Rashtra. He has been involved in fomenting as well as leading riots against Christians and Muslims, he founded a Hindu terrorist youth group, and in one speech he even commanded fellow Hindus to dig up the graves of deceased Muslim women and rape the corpses to desecrate them.

In Adityanath’s victory speech, he viciously attacked the “Guajrati” model of economics. The “Guajrati” model is named after the state of Guajrat in western India, and has been adopted by the BJP. Without going into too much detail about the particulars, the essence of the Guajrati model is that it emphasizes a capital-based approach to economic development that invites domestic and foreign investment as well as the integration of people into the economic system based on skill or ability to acquire skill as opposed to class. In India’s case, it means extending skill-based economic participation to all social groups regardless of caste or religious group, meaning that the low castes of India were given more economic power as well as Muslims, Christians, and other pagans. The BJP adopted this model because it has been a general success for Guajrat and has made the state very wealthy. However, it has also been controversial because given the ultranationalist character of the BJP, some such as Yogi Adityanath argue it is bad because it gives fair economic treatment to all groups of people regardless of caste or religion.

Yogi Adityanath and those in the BJP who follow his direction, which continues to grow, argue that whether or not India is able to have a sustainable economy is less important than racial purity and following the Hindu caste system. According to his logic, which is admired by many Hindus, is that they would rather India return to a state of tribalism if it means committing genocide against the Christians and other non-Hindus in an attempt to create a nation based on a racist philosophy than it is to have a successful, prosperous nation if it means even suggesting that a non-Hindu or lower caste Hindu might have a farthing of power or money.

What is happening in India should disturb all Christians, because not only is it a great and manifest evil, but it is a reflection of what is happening worldwide. Germany, Japan, Turkey, and even the United States are turning towards policies that promote eugenics based upon racialist, darwinian ideas coupled with nationalist sentiments and socialist economic policies.

The world is descending quickly into a great darkness in which no nation will be spared. We are simply watching it develop in real time.


Christian Bishop In Iraq Asks President Trump ‘Please Help Us, We Have 100.000 People That Need Vital Assistance After The Genocide Caused By ISIS’

Christian Bishop In Iraq Asks President Trump ‘Please Help Us, We Have 100.000 People That Need Vital Assistance After The Genocide Caused By ISIS’

The Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil, Iraq has asked President Trump for help with Iraq’s remaining Christians that have survived the brutality of ISIS. According to a recent report, there are 100,000 Christians left, all of who are in need of vital assistance:

The Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil, Bashar Warda, is urging President Donald Trump to help 20,000 Iraqi Christian families that have been driven out of their homes following attacks and dangers from Islamic extremists.

Warda told AFP in an interview published on Tuesday that 20,000 Iraqi Christian families, or around 100,000 people, still need vital assistance following years of attacks by Islamic radicals and other conflicts that have driven them out of their homes.

“This is a just case,” Warda said in his plea to the Trump administration.

“They are persecuted, they are marginalized and they are in need,” he said of the Christians.

The Chaldean and Syriac people of the Nineveh Plains in Iraq are seeing an opportunity to rebuild their lives following significant territorial victories against the Islamic State terror group, but more aid is needed to see them return home.

Statistics have shown that as few as 200,000 Christians remain in Iraq, down from close to 1.5 million in 2003, before the fall of dictator Saddam Hussein.

Christians and other minorities, such as the Yazidis, have been slaughtered in IS’ genocidal campaign, and have found themselves in the crosshairs of other geopolitical conflicts.

Warda called on the U.S. to step up its efforts in helping believers, noting that European nations, such as Hungary and Poland, have greatly contributed to the cause.

“You are not just helping them because they are Christians, but because they have been persecuted and left behind,” the bishop said.

A number of Christian humanitarian organizations have pointed out that despite verbal promises, little international aid has reached the suffering Christians.

“We don’t see anything. It’s not happening,” William Hollander, who partners with persecution watchdog group Open Doors, told The Christian Post in an interview in October.

“The big frustration for the Christians and everybody at the moment is that [they] are being betrayed by the political powers,” and again are in a situation where they have to run to refugee camps, he added.

Trump’s administration has made attempts to step up its aid efforts, and last month The Christian Post reported that Vice President Mike Pence announced that the State Department has been ordered to send U.S. aid directly to faith-based organizations actively supporting Christians and other religious minorities on the ground.

Although the U.S. has already given more than $1 billion in humanitarian aid and hundreds of millions in reconstruction aid, much of that has been funneled through the United Nations.

Warda revealed that there has been some good news, with close to 4,000 families returning home to Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest mainly-Christian community, and beginning work to rebuild the town.

He told AFP that many smaller villages on the frontline between Iraqi government forces and Kurdish militia are at risk, however.

“It’s a political issue, and we hope that it will be solved via dialogue,” Wards said about the Iraqi-Kurdish conflict.

“Everyone knows violence is not the way to settle these issues.

“In fact any military act in these areas would damage the whole reputation of the area and this would mean that the Christians would leave,” he added.

Warda told CP in October 2016 that Christian hopes rose in Iraq following increased efforts to liberate captured territories from IS.

He revealed at the time that his diocese is mainly receiving aid from churches, bishop conferences and religious organizations like Aid to the Church in Need and Knights of Columbus.

“Those are the ones who are helping Christians around the world. Churches are the only ones who are helping us,” he said back then. “We haven’t received any funds by the government. They don’t care because of the corruption, because they are busy with so many other issues.” (source)


Muslim Gang Breaks Into Christian Widow’s Home And Beats Her And Her Children Until There Is Blood Splattered All Over The House, They Tell Them ‘You Are A Disgrace To Our Clan- You Must Renounce Christ Or Die’

Muslim Gang Breaks Into Christian Widow’s Home And Beats Her And Her Children Until There Is Blood Splattered All Over The House, They Tell Them ‘You Are A Disgrace To Our Clan- You Must Renounce Christ Or Die’

A Somali Muslim gang, embarrassed that several members of their ‘clan’ were Christians, broke into a Christian widow’s home and beat her and her three children so badly that blood was splattered all over the walls. They demanded the mother stop taking her children to church and threatened to murder them all if they continued:

Hard-line Muslims on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya attacked a Christian widow’s children, ages 13, 17 and 21, leaving two of them seriously injured and still in pain 11 days after the assault, sources said.

Hadiya (surname withheld), an immigrant from Somalia, had not yet returned from a trip to a funeral when the assailants of Somali descent broke into her home at a town (undisclosed for security reasons) outside of Nairobi, at 5:30 a.m. on Nov. 17.

Hadiya’s 17-year-old daughter was asleep in her room, while the brothers (siblings’ names withheld for security reasons) were asleep in the front room, when the Muslim gang knocked on their door, the older brother told Morning Star News. The brothers asked who was at the door.

Refusing to identify themselves, the Muslims smashed a window, the older brother said.

“We have warned you several times to stop taking the children to church,” one shouted, he said. “You have become an embarrassment to our clan as well as the entire Muslim community. We are here today to finish you and your children.”

Their sister began screaming as the assailants broke in through the window, and the three siblings tried to escape through the door, Hadiya said. The gang beat them so much that blood was found throughout the front room, a Christian neighbor told Morning Star News.

Neighbors soon arrived and rescued the three children.

“When we arrived at the scene of the incident, the attackers fled,” the neighbor told Morning Star News. “We took the three to a nearby clinic before their mother arrived and then transferred them to a government health center, where the youngest child was discharged, while two who were seriously injured were admitted for four days.”

The younger brother suffered injuries to his left leg, neck and chest, while the older brother sustained injuries to his head, chest and back from a blunt object and remains very weak, according to the neighbor. Their sister, who received heavy blows and kicks, bled from her nose and sustained a rib injury, he said. A doctor’s reports corroborated his assessment of the injuries.

A recent follow-up visit to the doctor showed the older brother and sister need X-rays as they remain in continuous pain, Hadiya told Morning Star News by phone.

“We are living in great fear and experience sleepless nights,” she said. “It is not safe for us to stay in this particular place. We need prayers and financial help at this difficult moment.”

Having fled Somalia more than 13 years ago after the death of her husband, Hadiya has eight children – two from remarriage, though her second husband recanted his Christian faith amid a wave of persecution and returned to Somalia in 2010.

Somalis generally believe all Somalis are Muslims by birth and that consequently any Somali who becomes a Christian can be charged with apostasy, punishable by death. Kenya ranked 18th on Christian support organization Open Doors’ 2017 World Watch List of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian.

Hadiya said her family has suffered various attacks since embracing Christ. After she filed a police complaint about an attack by Somali Muslims in Kenya in 2014, no fewer than 10 Islamic elders visited her to warn that she was risking her life by doing so.

Last year Somali Muslims attacked another of her adult sons, beating him unconscious.

Muslim Somalis in Nairobi had seriously injured the same son on Oct. 27, 2011, after they learned that family members had become Christian. The Somali neighbors hit him with a metal bar on his forehead and face, and he lost two teeth and sustained knife wounds to his hand. They left him for dead.

“My family has experienced difficult times since the time we embraced the Christian faith, but God has been always coming to our rescue and meeting our needs,” Hadiya said. “We are grateful to the church and good Samaritans who have stood with my family in trying moments. We are at crossroads. But how long will this kind of life and persecution continue?”

She called for the government to offer protection.

“We will not recant the Christian faith,” she said. “We will continue putting our faith in God.” (source)


Indian Christians Beaten By Pagans, Illegally Jailed For Praying With Hindu Woman, They Said ‘God Has Been With Us In Jail And We Are Joyous For It’

Indian Christians Beaten By Pagans, Illegally Jailed For Praying With Hindu Woman, They Said ‘God Has Been With Us In Jail And We Are Joyous For It’

Several Indian Christians were preaching Christ when a Hindu woman came to them for prayer. When the people found out, they attacked the Christians, and the police came, beat them, and jailed them. The missionaries were just released, where they praised God for their time in jail and being able to preach Christ and have said the woman they prayed with has found new faith in Jesus according to a recent report:

Six Christians facing false charges, two of them beaten by police, were jailed for a month for praying for a sick woman in eastern India, they said.
After tribal Gondi villagers in Simdega District, Jharkhand state, attacked the Christians on Sept. 16, officers at the local police station refused to listen to the victims and hit two young men among them, 25-year-old Sajan Majhi and Kalender Majhi, 20, they said.

“The police hit Sajan Majhi and Kalender Majhi repeatedly,” said one of those arrested, 35-year-old Dasrath Karketta. “They didn’t give us a chance to speak. If they inquired of us, we could have explained what happened exactly, but they didn’t; instead, they scarred the face of Kalender Majhi. He bled also.”

The police beating followed the thrashing the Christians received from Hindu extremists in Ghosra village, who attacked them while they were praying for healing for the wife of Bikhru Majhi, sources said. Officers jailed the Christians and charged them with “promoting enmity between classes” and insulting religion. They spent a month in jail before being released on bail.

“We spent one month in jail joyously – we sang hymns, read the Bible, prayed and worshipped together in jail,” Karketta said. “We shared the gospel with other inmates in the district jail. There also, people came to Christ. We strongly felt the Lord was using us for His work and were happy about it.”

Karketta, the two young men and James Ba, 30, Balmuni Kumari, 19, and Jagdish Majhi, 50, went to the home of Bikhru Majhi after he asked them to pray for his wife, Nitu Devi, sources said.

“Bikhru Majhi heard our testimonies,” Karketta said. “He was amazed at how I got healed, and he wanted prayers for his wife.”

Before winning a battle against cancer, Karketta had visited several hospitals for treatment, exhausting his family’s financial resources, he said.

“We spent lot of money to a point that there was nothing left in our house, even no food for our children to eat,” Karketta said. “When I came to Christ, I got rid of all ailments, and now I am working, providing for my family and leading my life in Christ: ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.”’

Bikhru Majhi is Hindu but believes Christ can heal, and he routinely invites Christians to pray for his wife, who has long been ill, said Singhray Kullu, former pastor of the church in Ghosra village that the arrested Christians attend.

“Bikhru believes the prayers can heal her,” he said.

At around 8 p.m. on Sept. 16, a throng of Hindu villagers surrounded Bikhru Majhi’s house as the Christians prayed for his wife, said the only woman among the six arrested, Balmuni Kumari.

“They surrounded us and started beating the Christian brothers and me,” she told Morning Star News. “We told them it’s not conversion, we only came to pray for a sick woman.”

The villagers were furious, Karketta said.

“We tried telling them, ‘We did not come to murder, or get drunk, or steal, we came to pray at the request of Bikhru, and if this act of us offends you, we ask for forgiveness, please forgive us,’” Karketta said. “We tried our best to make peace, but they did not listen. They beat us, screaming, “Where is your God? Where is your Jesus? What can He do? Call him right now. We also want to see what He can do.’”

At around 11 p.m., police arrived and arrested the Christians, he said. They were taken to T. Tangar Police Station.

“We all are daily laborers, we depend on our earnings each day for our bread,” Karketta said. “From where arises the question of paying people and converting them?”

James Ba and Kalender Majhi of Banspahar village, Jagdish Majhi of Latapani village and Balmuni Kumari of Tukupani Baanstoli village were released on bail on Oct. 16. Dasrath Karketta of Khijri village and Sajan Majhi of Farsapani village were released on bail on Oct. 17. (source)