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Daily Archives: March 1, 2013

Africa. Christians need to convert to Islam if they want to remain in the business.

Does this conflict really revolve around the Muslim desire to never mistakenly to eat unpermitted meat, or are Muslims attacking and killing non-Muslims for being business competitors, while articulating their hostility in the garb of Islamic piety? A Christian pastor was recently slaughtered in the Muslim-majority African nation of Tanzania. While butchering Christian minorities isContinue Reading

Syria/Gaza. Gaza Strip exporting terrorists to other countries, goal is to destroy Israel and the US.

The Palestinians who are heading to Syria have been told their next station will be Jordan, then Israel, where, with their friends in Jabhat al-Nusra, they hope to create an pan-Islamic state ruled by Sharia laws. The Gaza Strip has begun exporting terrorists to other countries. If the terrorists are not stopped, they will startContinue Reading

What makes Rescue Christians different from most others?

Most organizations have a mission for alleviating Christian persecution by predominantly focusing on providing Bibles, evangelizing non-Christians and sending representatives around the world to inform others about persecution.

We are unique from most others in that we focus ALL our efforts on actually saving Christians from being liquidated.