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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Mali. 200,000 Christians flee country as Islamic supremacists impose Sharia.

Mali: 200,000 Christians flee country as Islamic supremacists impose Sharia The Vatican newspaper has called attention to the flight of Christians escaping Islamic persecution in Mali. As many as 200,000 Christians from Mali have found their way to refugee camps in Algeria and Mauritania, L’Osservatore Romano reports. Christian families are seeking a safe haven asContinue Reading

Syria. Christian family killed by militants of the ‘Liua Islam’ group.

A family of Syrian Armenians was killed in the Zamalka district of Damascus, Zhamanak newspaper reported referring to the Syrian agency ShamTimes. According to the publication, the family members were killed by militants of the ‘Liua Islam’ group, Armenia Today reported. According to the publication, the criminals shot an Armenian family in the street. AsContinue Reading

Orissa. Four years after anti-Christian pogroms – 10,000 people still without home.

Four years after anti-Christian pogroms were perpetrated by Hindu ultranationalists, at least 10,000 people are still without a home in Kandhamal (Orissa). Many families have been forced to live in ghettoes, Christians who refuse to convert to Hinduism continue to be victims of social, economic and political boycott, and compensation for lost homes and churchesContinue Reading

Pakistan. Judge delayed bail hearing of Christian girl accused of blasphemy.

A judge hearing the case of a Pakistani Christian girl accused of blasphemy delayed her bail hearing on Thursday after a lawyer questioned a medical report putting the girl’s age at 14, suggesting the government had tried to influence it. The new challenge quashed the possibility that the controversy surrounding the case would be swiftlyContinue Reading

Iran. Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is now facing new charges of “banditry and extortion.

The new leveled charges raise concern that following widespread international criticism about the ruling issued for Pastor Nadarkhani, Iranian authorities wish to influence the case process by bringing up arbitrary charges. The new trial adds to these concerns. FCNN quotes the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Youcef Nadarkhani, a Christian pastor accused ofContinue Reading

Indonesia. Campaign against Chinese Christian candidate in the capital’s gubernatorial election.

Voters in the capital will cast their ballot on 20 September for their new governor. Muslim groups have launched personal racist anti-Christian attacks. Imams and other religious leaders have called on residents to vote only for Muslims. Fears are growing about the campaign’s impact on Indonesia’s fragile social fabric. Tensions are rising in Jakarta, Java,Continue Reading

Pakistan. 600 christian families fled into forest after Christian girl was accused of blasphemy.

Having fled their homes in the latest spasm of Pakistani religious strife, a few hundred Christians have camped in a forest in the Pakistani capital, cut down trees and are using the branches to build a church. Their ordeal began when a Christian girl in their poor Islamabad neighborhood was accused by a neighbor ofContinue Reading

Kenya. Muslim Protesters smashed cars and torched churches after gunmen shot dead Muslim cleric

Hundreds of protesters smashed cars and torched churches in the Kenyan city of Mombasa on Monday after unknown gunmen shot dead a Muslim cleric accused by the United States of helping Islamist militants in Somalia. One protester was killed in the riots which erupted after Aboud Rogo Mohammed was shot on Monday, as youths fromContinue Reading

Uzbekistan. Young christian women was threatened, beaten and forced to change their faith.

Orthodox Christian Natalya Pleshakova who is disabled from childhood and her mother have been severely beaten up and tried in Tashkent. Pleshakova, 26, a disabled from childhood, will forever remember her day on 6 August. At about 4 o’clock in the morning the gate of their house on Ok Yul Street in Tashkent was brokenContinue Reading

China. Christian attorney was illegally and unreasonably refused access to Alimujiang by prison officials.

In Urumqi, Xinjiang on August 12, 2012, an attorney from Beijing applied according to legal process to meet with Alimujiang Yimiti, the prominent Uighur Christian house church leader, who is serving a 15-year prison sentence in Prison No. 3 of Xinjiang. The attorney was illegally and unreasonably refused access to Alimujiang by prison officials. AtContinue Reading

What makes Rescue Christians different from most others?

Most organizations have a mission for alleviating Christian persecution by predominantly focusing on providing Bibles, evangelizing non-Christians and sending representatives around the world to inform others about persecution.

We are unique from most others in that we focus ALL our efforts on actually saving Christians from being liquidated.