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Save one slave for $84.00 or only $7 per month.  Save a whole family for $588 per year or $49.00 per month.  Save 10 families (about 70 people) for $490 per month or $5880 per year.  Save a whole community for $58,800 or $4900 per month.

Christian Persecution
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We have been able to save thousands of lives so far, with your help we can save thousands of more. Do not stand by idly as they suffer and die…

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Hindu Terrorists Incite Other Pagans To Rise Up And Attack Christians...

Hindu terrorists have been attacking Christians all across India, but now the Hindus are inciting local non-Hindu pagans also to attack Christians according to...

Muslims Slaughter 12 Christians Trying To Rescue Girls Kidnapped By Muslims...

Muslims slaughtered 12 Christians who tried to rescue girls that had been kidnapped by Muslims and forced to convert to Islam according to a...

Hindu Terrorists Attack Christians Driving A Car In India, Drag Boxes...

Hindu terrorists attacked a car full of Christians bringing Bibles in southern India. After an argument, the terrorists dragged the Bibles out, dumped them...